Project Life, sort of….


You may recall last year I made a little album, with the idea of testing my ability to stick with a Project Life-style book.  Almost as soon as I made it, I made the decision that the chances of me doing PL with any sort of regularity were virtually nil and I morphed the album into an ATC holder instead.  My idea had been to give it a go with baseball (or Pokemon!) card sleeves as I thought that might be a nice intermediate step, figuring if I couldn’t manage THAT there was no point in laying out the cash for the whole PL kit.

Well, surprise, surprise, I have been thinking back on that a LOT as I tried to come up with something to attack as a year-long project.  So I took the plunge on it (again, sort of) and made a “first page” with a few photo I had kicking around – a few favourites of the kids, albeit from years ago, one that shows my crafty life, and a shot of the house.  I resized some of my own printables to fit the sleeve size.


I wasn’t sure about the size and only portrait orientation of the sleeves, but in the end I think with careful resizing of photo bigger ones CAN be made to work when sliced in half.


I simply create a 5 x 3.5 page in Photoshop and resize the photo to something close to that then drag it into the new file and slide it left or right till I am happy with where the cut will fall.  So long as it isn’t thru a face, I think it will work.

I also re-sized some of my printables to fit the sleeves.  Easy enough to do.

Now that hard part will be, of course, the album.  I disassembled a basic 3-ring binder down to its most basic parts (the two cover boards and the ring assembly) and I think I will be able to fist attach the ring part to the covers with something like sticky-backed plastic (have to buy some, of course) and then cover it with canvas fabric – or maybe that stuff they use for kitchen table cloths – is it called oil cloth?  Not sure.  I could always go with a book ring binding or take one of the many 3-ring binders I have and leave it intact then cover it.  I feel like I have LOTS of options.

My goal is to force myself to take photos every week.  In a two-page, side-by-side set of sleeves there are 18 pockets to fill.  I think that gives me a good number for a month, with room to add at least a few photos from each week, a few decorative elements, and a few journaling spots.

Like I originally thought, this is a great way to both force myself to take photos  (and it has been all too easy to just….not.  I suspect it has a lot to do with the kids being so camera-shy, and the fact that DS is no longer living with us) and to document family life.  Plus, we have been so busy work-wise we never seem to find the time to get out for a random fun day.  We used to do that virtually EVERY WEEKEND.  Now if we manage it every few months we consider ourselves lucky.

If I stick with it, then I might consider doing a more official PL album.  For now, I’ll just have to see if I can make it through January taking photos every week.  And the best news is that except for the sticky-backed canvas (if I go that way for the album) my cost has been nil.  Can’t beat that!



3 thoughts on “Project Life, sort of….

  1. I think the photo across the two pockets looks cool. Hope you are able to keep up with the photos. I don’t find taking photos is the problem. My problem is downloading them from the camera and printing them.

  2. Ooh, sounds like a great idea and I love what you have done so far. Don’t think I could commit to PL or even your pokemon inserts (I just about managed to do Kate crane’s 365 journal!).

    I will look forward to seeing your progress.

  3. Sounds like a great idea!! I basically have the same sort of sleeves but back in the day my son would keep his hockey/baseball cards – my grandson was into Pokemon cards not that long ago and I had bought a whole bunch at the Dollar store. I was thinking the close-up pics would do the job. My daughter has a super duper camera and loves taking close-ups so I have many. I, on the other hand, don’t have a super duper one but love to take pics of the snow and icicles, leaves in the fall and just the greenery in the summer and of course the dog. Thanks for sharing….hopefully one of us will go through with it LOL! Love ur blog!

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