Project Life, sort of….

You may recall last year I made a little album, with the idea of testing my ability to stick with a Project Life-style book.  Almost as soon as I made it, I made the decision that the chances of me doing PL with any sort of regularity were virtually nil and I morphed the album into an ATC holder instead.  My idea had been to give it a go with baseball (or Pokemon!) card sleeves as I thought that might be a nice intermediate step, figuring if I couldn’t manage THAT there was no point in laying out the cash for the whole PL kit.

Well, surprise, surprise, I have been thinking back on that a LOT as I tried to come up with something to attack as a year-long project.  So I took the plunge on it (again, sort of) and made a “first page” with a few photo I had kicking around – a few favourites of the kids, albeit from years ago, one that shows my crafty life, and a shot of the house.  I resized some of my own printables to fit the sleeve size.


I wasn’t sure about the size and only portrait orientation of the sleeves, but in the end I think with careful resizing of photo bigger ones CAN be made to work when sliced in half.


I simply create a 5 x 3.5 page in Photoshop and resize the photo to something close to that then drag it into the new file and slide it left or right till I am happy with where the cut will fall.  So long as it isn’t thru a face, I think it will work.

I also re-sized some of my printables to fit the sleeves.  Easy enough to do.

Now that hard part will be, of course, the album.  I disassembled a basic 3-ring binder down to its most basic parts (the two cover boards and the ring assembly) and I think I will be able to fist attach the ring part to the covers with something like sticky-backed plastic (have to buy some, of course) and then cover it with canvas fabric – or maybe that stuff they use for kitchen table cloths – is it called oil cloth?  Not sure.  I could always go with a book ring binding or take one of the many 3-ring binders I have and leave it intact then cover it.  I feel like I have LOTS of options.

My goal is to force myself to take photos every week.  In a two-page, side-by-side set of sleeves there are 18 pockets to fill.  I think that gives me a good number for a month, with room to add at least a few photos from each week, a few decorative elements, and a few journaling spots.

Like I originally thought, this is a great way to both force myself to take photos  (and it has been all too easy to just….not.  I suspect it has a lot to do with the kids being so camera-shy, and the fact that DS is no longer living with us) and to document family life.  Plus, we have been so busy work-wise we never seem to find the time to get out for a random fun day.  We used to do that virtually EVERY WEEKEND.  Now if we manage it every few months we consider ourselves lucky.

If I stick with it, then I might consider doing a more official PL album.  For now, I’ll just have to see if I can make it through January taking photos every week.  And the best news is that except for the sticky-backed canvas (if I go that way for the album) my cost has been nil.  Can’t beat that!