Sunday-right-here – Inspirational New Year quote cards


I am gearing up to attack the UKS HomePage for tomorrow morning but wanted to add these little 3 x 4 cards.  Of course it is dismal and dark here so early and the not-natural light makes the photo less than lovely, but they will server to give you an idea of what they look like!

I did two versions – one has the date 2013 in the colourful circles, then other has blank circles so if you want to use them for another year, past or future, you could add a date by stamping or with a block of paper, or even print on white, punch out with a 1″ circle punch and cover the circle with one of your own.  A smaller Nestie circle (and for small ones, I use my QK squeezer to punch, faster and easier than dragging out the Grand Calibur!) or punch and you could leave a rim of the original circle as a mat.


You can hopefully see from the photo that you can round corners anyway you like, as well as leave them square.  So fully round all four corners:


or round selected ones, for a funkier look.


I think I need to punch thru some tin foil to sharpen up that corner rounder LOL!

I have left enough room that you can choose to use them decoratively OR journal a small bit in the open areas.  The faint dotty background will give you guidance to keep your writing straight, if you need it.  You could even add a small (1.5 x 1.5 “) photo to them if you wanted to.

Hope they will be useful to you.  As I mentioned for the past ones, an alternative use would be to stick them to sticky-backed magnet sheets and cut for a quick inspirational fridge magnet.  Me?  I think the rise above the little things quote is one I need to stick there as it seems the little things are the ones that drive me MAD!

Happy Sunday – and do pop in to read the UKS HomePage tomorrow when I will lay out the plans and challenges for 2013.  I think we will have some fun things to inspire you.

2 thoughts on “Sunday-right-here – Inspirational New Year quote cards

  1. THANKS so much for sharing!!
    Love these!!
    So appreciate, all the work you put into your sharing!

  2. Thanks! Super sweet of you for always sharing.

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