Last BIG CARD – Ace of Clubs

I did manage to follow thru with my final BIG CARD, my year-long project using approx. A4 size cards from a deck I got at Tiger.  I’ve not found a 2nd deck there, and had used one or two of them for other projects before I began so I do have a handful that are missing.  Not a big deal for me, as the goal of the project was to use them to try various techniques.  I had the idea to scan them and send them to one of those places that turn your art into a real, normal sized deck of cards but in the end, unless I manage to find another one, that won’t happen.  Still, the process was an interesting one.  Some of the techniques were ones I came up with, some were ones I read or saw someplace and some began with one idea and I expanded on it.  It’s been so much fun and such a learning experience.  I feel I have really tested my supplies and discovered a lot along the way.

I had the idea to shave crayons onto black cardstock and melt them with the iron.  I’ve done this in the past, on a layout for SI (actually, it was three things with crayons, but the layout was my favourite one) shown here:


The lacy edging was, if I recall, designed from a dingbat and cut on my old CraftRobo.

buffedcrayonI thought the crayon would be more vibrant on black, but the colour is actually quite sheer and the effect not as bold as I wanted. I based that on another layout from the article, where I drew a swirl with a template, coloured it in with crayon, then buffed the waxy crayon to a shine.  As you can see from the small layout (the only photo I have of it on hand) the colour is bright and bold on the black.  I hoped it would be so by shaving and melting.

I just shaved the tips with a craft knife.  Poor misused crayons!


I think for the original I laid a bit of acetate over the crayon, melting it onto the cardstock, then rotating the acetate and melting the crayon still on it onto the cardstock as well.

For this I used a bit of freezer paper. It was interesting, I liked it, but not over the moon with it.


But checkout the freezer paper! Jiminy!  I liked that A LOT.  Some off things happened.  First, the plasticy coating on the freezer paper melted away, leaving it more like paper and less …plastic. Next, some places the crayon lifted away, down to the white paper, so further melting left some bright patches. It’s very layered and with real depth.


So, faced with two choices, which would you choose?


The more I look at the black one, the more I like it for its subtle warmth, but in the end….


I did smudge on some Black Soot DI, which actually worked better than I thought with the sheen off the freezer paper.  I wonder how it might work on canvas?  I bet it would be very cool.

So, I still want to wrap up my BIG CARDS and review what were some of my fave techniques, and go back to make sure I’ve tagged them all so if you click BIG CARDS you can see them all, but that will have to wait for another day.

If you have followed this over the last year, I hope you had fun with it and got some ideas for how to push your art supplies to the limit.  I think I did well in sharing the disasters, or where something went wrong, but don’t I always say I mess up so you don’t have to?