That pretty calendar I started


A while back I started a “pretty” tear-off calendar set but never finished it.  I got frustrated by the font I chose, which was not mono-spaced and no matter how I aligned it I would key in on some row or strip that looked wonky to me.  When the characters are placed within the block high/low/left/right and not exactly centered that happens.  I kind of abandoned it but there was a comment from someone who was keen to get them.  I worked on it this morning a bit to see if I could get it to the point I was happy with it.  And it’s OK. Not perfect, but OK.


There are two sizes.  I know some people prefer the tear-offs to be quite small, if they want to keep them in their purse, for example.  Other prefer a slightly larger size, to add to a card, say.  I’ve not yet made these as a CD case version, although it should be easy enough to do if there is interest.


The smaller size has all 12 months on one sheet, and produces blocks that are 2″ tall x 2.5″ wide.  The larger version has 6 months to a page and produces blocks that are 2.5″ tall x 3.5″ wide.  They could easily pe cut then added to a plain or decorated piece of cardstock cut to the CD case size, if you are keen to use them right away.  Just cut along the very faint grey lines.

I had plans to finish off the BIG CARD today.  I may still find time to do it.  We shall see…


5 thoughts on “That pretty calendar I started

  1. fab! thanks.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing
    I LOVE this font!!
    So glad you gave it another try

  3. Very nice just what I was looking for thnks

  4. Thank you for sharing. Marilyn from Maine, USA

  5. That is a really nice calendar. Thanks, Dona

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