WOYWW 187 – a new year!

Hello all you WOYYWWers.  I have had a seriously poor showing the last couple of weeks but I am finally able to sit with the help of only OTC painkillers so be ready – I’m visiting YOU today!

I’ll start with my desk.  Oh the shame of it – clearing it getting ready to craft is the order of the day! It’s a bit like an archeological dig, my desk, with layers of stuff piled on the top of old debris.  I haven’t touched it in weeks.


Shocking, isn’t it?  You can see not only the leftovers from pre-Christmas crafting but a couple of gifts piled on top – DH knows I love all things zombie and he went the extra mile (literally) to order me a couple of prints from an Australian site called Creepy Cute. Creepy AND cute. just my thing.  One is called HUG:


and the other is Monster Heads:


Love ’em both.  You can’t see it very well but on my small table too there is a set of foldable buildings – the bus station and a little bus is punched and folded.  That’s from a Polish site, I think. and may be useful as a pattern – I figure the buildings need a more scrappy treatment, don’t you agree?

Also on my desk is the little calendar, gosh, from  2010, from 3eyedbear, they of the Snorfs.

This is what he would look like cut and folded.  I adore his little curl!  The two boxes slip into his headspace and rotate so all the months can display.  The newer ones are cute too, but this guy just made me smile, so I may have to make a 2013 version of the calendar so I can use him this year.

I am still not feeling I want to tackle the final BIG CARD, nor have I settled on a year-long project for myself for 2013, but with luck something I am considering will work out.

So then, the happiest of WOYWW days to you and Happy New Year too!