First PL Printables for 2013!

Nothing focuses the mind on how short life is than even a minor medical hiccup or small accident.  Especially at the holidays, with loved ones gathered near.  It’s far too easy to imagine the unfillable hole that would be left by the absence of any one of them.  DS slipped on the stoop, twisting his ankle while loading up the car for the long trip up back to Uni in Scotland.  See?  MINOR stuff.  But I know of too many cases where things that SHOULD have been minor turned into something major.

This famous quote from Mark Twain has been on my mind over the last week or so.  I think they are words to live by.  Simple, straightforward, and they should be easy to accomplish.  It’s just a matter or keeping in sight what is most important.  And that is always (or should be!) the people you love and the ones that love you.

Jeez, I am getting soppy in my old age.  But still….

So here is a little set of 4 x 3/3 x 4 printable cards.  Use them for whatever.  Obviously for Project Life, but equally usable as, say, a fridge magnet, if you stick them to a bit of sticky-backed magnetic paper.  Or a bookmark – cut a 3 x 8 strip of cardstock, score at 4″ and stick one of the blocks to the front, then add the magnets inside.  Easy-peasy. I suppose you could cut the text into strips and use them on a card or a layout even, if you wanted to. They are all different, in subtle ways, as I thought people wouldn’t want multiples of the exact same one, so this gives some choice.


I got new glasses recently and they are just NOT right.  I thought it was my eyes at first, but no – somehow they got the distance wrong.  I should, as I have for the past 5 years or so, have one pair of glasses that sit on my desk for working n the Mac, and one for watching TV and driving.  Well, the computer ones I have to sit back so far to be able to focus that I can’t reach the keys!  In sheer frustration one night last week when I simply could not focus on the TV at all, I grabbed my computer glasses and it was nearly perfect.  Why am I boring you with this?  Well, the photo looks fuzzy to me on the screen and I simply cannot tell if it is me or if it is the photo.  Looking at the printed cards, without glasses at reading distance, they look lovely.  So if the above photo looks blurry, it’s down to me.  Next week, once things settle down I will hope to go to Boots and get them sorted.  It may not improve my photography, but you never know….

Happy New Year to you all – a healthy, happy,  prosperous and wonderful 2013.