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Sunday-someplace-else (Foldify)

If you read my blog with any regularity, you know I am a huge fan of 3D paper sculptures.  And now, there is a App that lets you create your own!  It is simply the coolest thing I have seen in AGES. It’s called Foldify. It launched in the App store just a couple of days ago and is priced at $1.99.

There are a handful of templates which can be used to create some interesting projects from simple shapes.

Some of the sections have “stamps” that you can simply drag in and resize – eyes, mouths, etc.

I wish there were something as easy for my desktop – there are a few (like Sketchup) but they don’t look anywhere as easy as Foldify.  One, Pepakura, actually has a Cameo/Silhouette plug-in that looks interesting.

I think this is something well worth playing with and could be a fun thing for the kids over the holidays.  Check it out!

(well that was interesting!  WordPress has changed how it handles embedded video and it took ages to work out how to do it because how they SAY works is not how it works! Sorry if you were viewing the page and it was weird)


12 Snorfs of Christmas – finished!

DONE!  Quite pleased with it and I think it will be a bit of fun for the holidays.  The advent Calendar is all about the treats, or at least every one I’ve ever made is, but this 12 Days countdown is more about two things: getting the kids to do the after-Christmas tasks they are not exactly keen on, and planning for some family time.  I don’t know about you but we are SO busy over the holidays that it’s all too easy to just all go off in our own direction.  As I’ve mentioned, some of the Snorf tasks are fun stuff (watch a family film together, or play a board game) and some are must-do’s (help store the boxes, or write your thank-you notes) and some are a mix (help take down the tree – with Hot Chocolate!) but they are all either planned family time or required tasks.

Once I printed, cut and folded all 12 3eyedbear Snorfs (and there are 15 of them so you can pick your favourites) I cut a 12″ circle from matboard and covered it with the last bit of the starry wrapping paper.  Love the silver on kraft, and as the Snorfs themselves are super-colourful I didn’t want to add too much more.


I made a title circle or the center then I played around with the arrangement of the Snorfs – the important thing was that the little strip with the task be accessible, so having them angled worked best.  Like so:


To attach them to the circle, I added a little stand to the inside, which does not interfere with the task-strip.  I cut four 1 inch strips of 12 x 12 cardstock then scored each one at 1/3/4/5/7/8/9/11 inches then cut at 4″ and 8″. That give three stand per strip. Crease like so:


Stick to the inside of the Snorf body like so, with the flat area level to the body edge. Like so:


You can now attach the Snorf to the base – strong double-sided adhesive, hot glue, wet glue, as you prefer.  If you are struggling to get a good bond, because it is hard to put enough pressure on the Snorf to make it stick, you can slip something (a rub-on stick worked for me, but a pencil, eraser end, would work too, I think) into the hand cut-out and press from the inside.


As you can see I added numbers to their hats.  Certain tasks will be the same every year (like the Day Off for New Year’s Day or the taking down the tree day) so numbering them seemed more sensible. I also changed the strips –  I made them just about 3/8 inch wide (although up to about 1/2 inch will still slip inside the hand-hole) and swapped the button for the circle on a foam pad. I did six with the circle left and six with it right, although you can do them all one side or the other and slip them in to the hand-hole upside down.

snorfcircle5Can you see how the circle sort of catches on the hand?  I think it looks neater than the strip extending out the 2nd hand-hole, instead in just lays in the cavity and the circle holds it in place.


From what I read the 12 days of Christmas can start on either Christmas Day or on Boxing Day.  You can pick which you prefer and add that.  Stick an envelope to the underside of the base to store the strips, and if you add felt circles around the edge of the base (I like to use those chair leg protector pads as they are quite thick, sticky on one side and felt on the other) then the base won’t wobble on the envelope.

Now I have a gazillion things to do and crafting at my desk is not one of them!


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The 12 Snorfs of Christmas!

OK, well, I had planned on being able to share the completed project today but I got side-tracked by a meeting with DDs school, the Ice Show dress rehearsal, a mate dropping round for lunch and other Holiday related tasks so I’ll show you were I am going with this and hopefully share the whole thing tomorrow or Sunday.

I still have two more Snorfs to cut and fold, but here is one of my favourites:



His name is Jin.  What I’ve done is printed a few strips with a number of Holiday related things on them.  It’s a bit like an Advent Calendar, in principle, but meant to give the kids tasks from Christmas to 12th night.  Not all of them are things that will make them groan (like Write your Thank You notes) and I’ll guide them to the Christmas Day one to make sure it is something fun – although not sure if I should number them so the tasks are in a set order (of MY choosing) or if I should let it be totally random.  I say KIDS, but DS is nearly 20 so resistance is inevitable, but I hope the treat days will make it appealing enough that he’ll play along.  You don’t really outgrow treats like Watch a Movie or Play a Board Game,  IYKWIM, and he already knows he HAS to help stash the decorations)



The strips fit nicely in the opening where the hands are popped out.  I just have to settle on the base and the arrangement – I already have the plan for attaching them easily, and the strips are not tied to a specific Snorf, so they would be different every year.




12days2  I’d add a photo of the whole tray of them but it’s pouring down with rain, way too dark and dismal,so that will have to wait too.  But I think it’s a fun idea (although it would have been more fun back when the kids were small) and it obviously doesn’t have to be Snorfs.  Something more like a traditional Advent Calendar would work equally as well.

Looking at these little guys all over my desk just makes me smile.


SDC78 – non-traditional Christmas card

This marks a departure for me in the SDC Challenge.  I have ALWAYS used a Stampotique stamp in the past but this time as soon as I saw the challenge I knew exactly what I wanted to do.


I’ve had this Three Stooges stamp for maybe 10 years and never really found a use for it.  It was perfect for the challenge.  I could have used three of the Stampotique boys but I went a different way.   Not world-class Copic colouring, I’m afraid, but I did like the dotty background.  I used that in a very old post once before, although that was more of a shaded gradation of colour, darkest near the image and fading outward, where this is more just a scattering of yellows to fill in.  I didn’t want to cut out the Stooges, or fiddle with masks, and no other technique made sense. I like t and would use it again, I think.


I love the font for the letters (Urban  Scrawl Boxed) – I printed that then coloured in the boxes with the Copics and cut out each letter.  It was a struggle to fit it all in LOL! The star is a leftover from DDs Christmas cards for her classmates.  I matched it with a very Christmas-y paper because I liked the contrast.

So the Snorfs from yesterday will have to wait a day longer then I’ll share my project.  I’ve had another idea for the end result so the delay is good.


WOYWW 184 – Christmas makes

Happy WOYWW all!

This week I have more of the cards for DD and a few of the 3eyedbear Snorfs from Sunday.  I am working on a little something for the kids – a bit of fun for after Christmas.  I’ll keep you posted.


I still have more cards to make for DH to give out and will likely use my printables from yesterday so that is what else will be on my W this W.

Have a good one. and do pop round to Julia‘s to see what everyone else is working on.  It’s the most fun!


Need a quick card? Printables

I was working on cards for DDs class and friends (lucky there are only about 10 kids in the class!) at the crop and am nearly done:


Like last year, they are little ornaments made from my last printables.  Fast, but I think cute and the kids will like them.

I also needed some quick cards for a few of the people on our very short list, so I made these:


The circles are pretty big, about 3 inches across, but that means they fill the card front nicely.  And you should be able to cut them with or without a border, as you can see.

There are a couple of options.  If you only like one set, get the RED version here and the BLUE set here. If you like them BOTH you can get the two page PDF here.  Print that with 2 images to a page for large gift tags, or get this set which works with a 2″ punch for small gift tags.

Now, I have Snorfs to work on…..


BIG CARDS – 3 of Clubs (pan pastels over embossing)

Phew.  Two to go.

I did say I would get back to Pan Pastels and so I did.  I had played, as you may have seen in a recent post, with Pan Pastels over black cardstock.  I wasn’t happy with the dusty side effects, even when the pastels showed up really well on stamping with Versamark, for example.

I quickly realized I just needed to reverse the process.  Easy peasy.  I stamped on the black cardstock and heat embossed with black


I masked off the center strip and rubbed the pastels over the entire exposed surface. The pastels do not cling at all to the shiny embossing so it still really pops.


The dividing lines are simply the plain background cardstock – I used a magenta and dark violet.


You can see off to the side another colourway I played with.  I like it a lot, and the indistinct areas of colour work well, I think.


For the letters I stamped on the black card and painted inside the letter outline with Twinkling H2Os.


You can see I tried using just the pastels, but they DID dull the shine of the glitter embossing powder more than they did the plain black.

DONE! Very monochromatic (or nearly) but quite striking.  I think you can see from the angled shot, there at the top, that the embossing is still glossy.  The pastel colours are still deep and rich, but not so bright as they would be over white.  I think it is another to play with some more.


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Sunday-someplace-else (3 eyed bear)

I stumbled across 3eyedbear at some point and was totally charmed by the little printable models.  There was an old calendar (sadly no longer available) that I thought was so cute but in exploring the site, I found the Snorfs and fell in love.  They were so whimsical that I just wanted to do SOMETHING with them.  They would be adorable as a little cluster on the mantle, like elves from Santa’s Workshop. but the mantle is actually getting pretty crowded so that isn’t going to work.

They are small enough to hang on the tree, really, but that seems a little pedestrian.  What I really want to do is make them into an Advent calendar, but there are only 15 of them so they would have to be repeated for the full month.  I have an idea that I may explore further.  It could be fun, we’ll see.

There is a LOT to explore there.  So many paper models, it might be something to bookmark for the kids over the holidays.


Layout – in search of balance

This is a layout I made at the last crop.  I loved the photos of DD as she sat, completely enraptured by The Nutcracker ballet on TV.  She is wearing her own ballet skirt, which you can’t see at all, under the blanket. I caught her look of amazement when the Mouse King and the Nutcracker battled and even though you can’t see what she is looking at, it felt worth scrapping.


I’m not 100% convinced of the balance – it may need slightly more weight in the lower right.  I looks at it and looked at it, pushed stuff around for a long time, then Julia said “Leave it” and look at it with fresh eyes later.  I did, and I have, and I am still not sure what it needs, if it needs anything.  Shame you can’t see the sparkle of the PaperChase holographic dots, or the little squares, which are tiny mirror mosaic squares.    I originally had the title at the bottom then I thought it would be better at the side, where her eyes are looking so I moved it.

I’ll probably leave it.  Maybe in another year I’ll add something and all of a sudden it’ll be perfect to my eyes……


Ornament from my printables

Just a quick one – still cleaning and busy, busy, busy.

If you print the sheet of printables here and cut all 5 of either design, you can make a quick, cute tree ornament. You need the print-out, a jewellry headpin (although that is not essential – I just happened to have some kicking around) and a couple of star brads with the legs snipped off.


Cut out and score in half all five of the trees.  Stick them together.  I did two and three as groups.


Add the headpin in the middle. I just used my ATG gun.  Sorry for the blur! You could also just stick a loop of ribbon or fishing line or some other sort of hanger in the middle.


Stick the two groups together and sandwich the top between the two brads (or buttons or gems – anything or nothing) and add a hanger (this is fine hemp cord but you can leave it off and just add an ornament hook to the headpin)

Hang it up!

And if I didn’t mention it, there is enough room at the top of the tree to punch a hole in one and use it as a gift tag.  You know me – I’m always keen on finding many uses for one printable!

The snowy set would look lovely edged in Stickles….

have fun….