Last Project Life Printables for 2012

I seriously wondered if I would manage to get these posed before 2013.  I had been working on them, gosh, a while back, but kept changing my mind about various elements.  At this point I am happy enough with them to post them and if you can make use of them, grab them!

There are two PDFs, one YOU and one TODAY version. There are three elements for each, a 4 x 6, a 6 x 4 and a 3 x 4.  Making a 4 x 3 would have required another page, given the need for US Letter and A4 compatibility for a page.


Sorry about the photos – I am still struggling with my back and am doing what I can when I can the best I can.  As you can see there is a big open area on every one for journaling, but do keep in mind that that can ALSO take a photo instead.  So many people comment that they have too many photos to waste the space in a PL page protector with just a decorative element, so I do try to make mine useful in a variety of ways.  I also feel that the blocks can be used in different orientations without losing much, like so:


You can see what I mean – depending on how you can crop or re-size your photo, it can be made to fit many different ways.  and the one at the far right? See how you can get BOTH a photo AND space for journaling on the same block! I just chopped up some random, already scrapped or not great photos to give you an idea – and for some of them, the cropping improved the shot, at least a bit so that’s all good!

You can download the YOU are wonderful version here and the TODAY was wonderful version here.

Time for me to go lay down for a bit…… and if I don’t make it back before then, Happy New Year! My previous (and my NEXT) desk sessions are all about UKS stuff. Some of it has to be timed just right and tomorrow and the next day will be the busiest for that, but there is still some stuff I can do today to prepare so that’s my plan.  But then we all know about plans, don’t we?  They do tend to go awry….