Happy and Merry Christmas to all the WOYWWers. I am actually composing this on the fly, as I lay on my little nest on the sofa, by the tree, in the lounge. It’s actually been quite an eventful holiday period for me. I ended up in hospital on Friday and in surgery quite quickly. All a bit of a surprise, but all sorted (I hope) and just the recovery now. Oh, and the visiting nurse every day. Amazing.

The knock on effect of this has been….interesting. For example, as I lay here and type, the turkey is, now, finally defrosted and ready to cook. You see, doped up on painkillers I mis-read the thawing instructions. It said “13 to 24 hours” but I missed the “cool room” part, as I have very little experience of frozen turkey (while my mom always bought them when I was a kid, we have always bought fresh turkeys) and I always remember being told it was dangerous to deforest a big bird at room temp. As warm as it is this year, no place in our house is under 40 degrees! So the bird got left to thaw for an extra day. Next, DH and DS are actually pretty good at housework. They did the weeks laundry over a few days, and after a few hiccups about WHY it needed to be done a certain way, to all progressed fairly smoothly.And the dishes! OMG, there have been sinks full of dishes and they have managed well.

A most interesting change, and nothing to do with my being unwell, is the fact the kids didn’t even get up till after 9AM, and wanted to shower before coming down to open gifts. It was all very peaceful and civilized, not manic at all. Not sure if I like it or not.

My desk, you ask? Exactly the same as last week. So here is just a holiday themed image to fill the gap.


We will work together to get the meal on the table, watch a few more holiday movies, play a few games (finally, after years of talking about it I got DS a copy of Illuminati!) and relax. Wishing you and yours the happiest – and healthiest! – of holidays.

Mary Anne