Spanish language tear-off calendar

I got sidetracked by a trip to the Dr. so not made it to any desks yet.  I will try to get to them now, while I rest up and let the antibiotics work their magic (I hope!)

I did want to add this Spanish-language calendar.  Only the tear-off version, so far, but I will get to the CD case sized ones as soon as I can.  The hard work is done, a Spanish speaker has deemed them acceptable. so perhaps a few people will find them useful.

They look like this:


Size-wise, the tear off sheets are 2.5 wide by 2 inches high.  I will mention what I told Milli when we were to-ing and fro-ing about them – I am aware that in Spanish, the month and day words/abbreviations are not capitalized, but it is a peculiarity of the FONT where you see an upper-case letter used and not a choice by me to capitalize the word!

Do the usual, cut along the faint grey lines then stack in order and apply a thin smear of glue to the top (or if you prefer, lower) edges, as I’ve shown before.  When dry, you can use the tear-off stack for many different uses.

I went ahead and spread out the rows, so if you want to make a matchbook calendar from this set you can.  That PDF is here.  Just cut along the line OVER each row  – the bottom row of months will need to be trimmed to the same height as the other three rows, below the gray line.  The cut between the months.   That will give you a set with a bit of space below  to staple the stack in a matchbook.  Like this one, with the not-Spanish version:


Expect the CD set hopefully before the new year!