My desk is a mess.  Leftovers from my BIG CARD on Monday, my Snorf Santa from yesterday, a new 3EB foldable (a little bird) that I am playing with today…




and a (just out of shot) calendar that I am working on, a Spanish language one.


Milli, of the Polaroids & Postcards blog, mentioned my calendar-making in her first ever post.  She was wondering about a Spanish version, which is something I had thought about but never followed through on.  Her musing got me started and I am planning on doing the CD case calendar version of that today. You can see my sample print there.

DS is back from Uni and only here for about a week and a bit.  We are trying to jam a lot of stuff into the few days we have free, so in fact I may end up being a bit AWOL.  Plus I have some more UKS stuff to sort out, and cooking and Christmas plays, and Drs. appts, and OMG SO MUCH STUFF.  But I hope to squeak in some blog visits today after DDs star turn in The Nutcracker at her school and before collecting DS from his eye appt.  I think I need a holiday from the HOLIDAYS!

Have a happy one, y’all.