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Sunday-someplace-else (Foldify)

If you read my blog with any regularity, you know I am a huge fan of 3D paper sculptures.  And now, there is a App that lets you create your own!  It is simply the coolest thing I have seen in AGES. It’s called Foldify. It launched in the App store just a couple of days ago and is priced at $1.99.

There are a handful of templates which can be used to create some interesting projects from simple shapes.

Some of the sections have “stamps” that you can simply drag in and resize – eyes, mouths, etc.

I wish there were something as easy for my desktop – there are a few (like Sketchup) but they don’t look anywhere as easy as Foldify.  One, Pepakura, actually has a Cameo/Silhouette plug-in that looks interesting.

I think this is something well worth playing with and could be a fun thing for the kids over the holidays.  Check it out!

(well that was interesting!  WordPress has changed how it handles embedded video and it took ages to work out how to do it because how they SAY works is not how it works! Sorry if you were viewing the page and it was weird)