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The 12 Snorfs of Christmas!

OK, well, I had planned on being able to share the completed project today but I got side-tracked by a meeting with DDs school, the Ice Show dress rehearsal, a mate dropping round for lunch and other Holiday related tasks so I’ll show you were I am going with this and hopefully share the whole thing tomorrow or Sunday.

I still have two more Snorfs to cut and fold, but here is one of my favourites:



His name is Jin.  What I’ve done is printed a few strips with a number of Holiday related things on them.  It’s a bit like an Advent Calendar, in principle, but meant to give the kids tasks from Christmas to 12th night.  Not all of them are things that will make them groan (like Write your Thank You notes) and I’ll guide them to the Christmas Day one to make sure it is something fun – although not sure if I should number them so the tasks are in a set order (of MY choosing) or if I should let it be totally random.  I say KIDS, but DS is nearly 20 so resistance is inevitable, but I hope the treat days will make it appealing enough that he’ll play along.  You don’t really outgrow treats like Watch a Movie or Play a Board Game,  IYKWIM, and he already knows he HAS to help stash the decorations)



The strips fit nicely in the opening where the hands are popped out.  I just have to settle on the base and the arrangement – I already have the plan for attaching them easily, and the strips are not tied to a specific Snorf, so they would be different every year.




12days2  I’d add a photo of the whole tray of them but it’s pouring down with rain, way too dark and dismal,so that will have to wait too.  But I think it’s a fun idea (although it would have been more fun back when the kids were small) and it obviously doesn’t have to be Snorfs.  Something more like a traditional Advent Calendar would work equally as well.

Looking at these little guys all over my desk just makes me smile.