Need a quick card? Printables

I was working on cards for DDs class and friends (lucky there are only about 10 kids in the class!) at the crop and am nearly done:


Like last year, they are little ornaments made from my last printables.  Fast, but I think cute and the kids will like them.

I also needed some quick cards for a few of the people on our very short list, so I made these:


The circles are pretty big, about 3 inches across, but that means they fill the card front nicely.  And you should be able to cut them with or without a border, as you can see.

There are a couple of options.  If you only like one set, get the RED version here and the BLUE set here. If you like them BOTH you can get the two page PDF here.  Print that with 2 images to a page for large gift tags, or get this set which works with a 2″ punch for small gift tags.

Now, I have Snorfs to work on…..