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Sunday-someplace-else (3 eyed bear)

I stumbled across 3eyedbear at some point and was totally charmed by the little printable models.  There was an old calendar (sadly no longer available) that I thought was so cute but in exploring the site, I found the Snorfs and fell in love.  They were so whimsical that I just wanted to do SOMETHING with them.  They would be adorable as a little cluster on the mantle, like elves from Santa’s Workshop. but the mantle is actually getting pretty crowded so that isn’t going to work.

They are small enough to hang on the tree, really, but that seems a little pedestrian.  What I really want to do is make them into an Advent calendar, but there are only 15 of them so they would have to be repeated for the full month.  I have an idea that I may explore further.  It could be fun, we’ll see.

There is a LOT to explore there.  So many paper models, it might be something to bookmark for the kids over the holidays.