Layout – in search of balance


This is a layout I made at the last crop.  I loved the photos of DD as she sat, completely enraptured by The Nutcracker ballet on TV.  She is wearing her own ballet skirt, which you can’t see at all, under the blanket. I caught her look of amazement when the Mouse King and the Nutcracker battled and even though you can’t see what she is looking at, it felt worth scrapping.


I’m not 100% convinced of the balance – it may need slightly more weight in the lower right.  I looks at it and looked at it, pushed stuff around for a long time, then Julia said “Leave it” and look at it with fresh eyes later.  I did, and I have, and I am still not sure what it needs, if it needs anything.  Shame you can’t see the sparkle of the PaperChase holographic dots, or the little squares, which are tiny mirror mosaic squares.    I originally had the title at the bottom then I thought it would be better at the side, where her eyes are looking so I moved it.

I’ll probably leave it.  Maybe in another year I’ll add something and all of a sudden it’ll be perfect to my eyes……

5 thoughts on “Layout – in search of balance

  1. Here is my take on your lovely layout. As far as balance goes, I think if you tilt the straight picture (going inward from the right like it is going inward from the left, and add an edging strip to the bottom pink flower layer you will be all set! Lovely!

  2. I get that problem every now and then too. If you’re stuck then usually it means your done.

  3. I read your blog every day. Yesterday I printed the Christmas trees. I look forward to seeing what each day will bring. Thank you so much and keep your blog commng! Merry Christmas!
    p.s. Love the look on your daughter’s face. Treasure her age…they grow so fast!
    Nancy Jr

  4. Perhaps add a Nutcracker image?

  5. Lovely LO

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