Ornament from my printables


Just a quick one – still cleaning and busy, busy, busy.

If you print the sheet of printables here and cut all 5 of either design, you can make a quick, cute tree ornament. You need the print-out, a jewellry headpin (although that is not essential – I just happened to have some kicking around) and a couple of star brads with the legs snipped off.


Cut out and score in half all five of the trees.  Stick them together.  I did two and three as groups.


Add the headpin in the middle. I just used my ATG gun.  Sorry for the blur! You could also just stick a loop of ribbon or fishing line or some other sort of hanger in the middle.


Stick the two groups together and sandwich the top between the two brads (or buttons or gems – anything or nothing) and add a hanger (this is fine hemp cord but you can leave it off and just add an ornament hook to the headpin)

Hang it up!

And if I didn’t mention it, there is enough room at the top of the tree to punch a hole in one and use it as a gift tag.  You know me – I’m always keen on finding many uses for one printable!

The snowy set would look lovely edged in Stickles….

have fun….

5 thoughts on “Ornament from my printables

  1. excellente idée !… je suis comme ça, aussi : dès que je regarde un élément, je ne peux pas m’empêcher de me demander ce que je pourrais en faire “en plus” !… mais après tout, je crois que c’est ça, la créativité : toujours chercher autre chose, penser autrement, regarder plus loin… dès que vos imprimables seront utilisés, je me ferai un plaisir de vous communiquer les liens…

  2. super fun and easy. Thanks for the idea!

  3. Really cool!

  4. I love your Christmas Tree printables. Thank you so much for sharing them. I’ve already used the smaller ones to make some Christmas cards…the only ones I’ve made so far.

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