BIG CARDS – 4 of Clubs

Bet you had given up on me for today.

I have been properly working, sorting out the last bits of UKS sponsorship and the Holiday Home page stuff and it took me till dark to finish. Hence the not excellent photos.  But I actually think the dim light may enhance this one.  You tell me.

I got one of the IndigoBlu glue & gilding flake kits and was dying to play with it. They have a blog too!  I’ll bet you expected Pan Pastels … Maybe next week.

As soon as I saw these I knew they would surely work with the brayer-on technique.  Sure enough, they did.  I embossed the top and bottom of my black card then put a pretty small dollop (no more than the 1/2 teaspoon suggested when loading the fat foam to make a stamp pad in the leaflet) of the glue on a ripped page protector.  I rolled over it with the brayer, over and over, to ensure a thin coat, then ran the brayer over the embossing.


I rubbed on the flakes, and let it sit for a while.  On my practice piece I felt the scrubber dulled the shine of the flakes too much if the glue was too damp.


I added an area of Pearl-ex in what should have been, from the look of it, a pretty good match to the reddish flakes (and I was using Brighton Pier) but was a bit more to the pink side than I wanted.  It still works, I think.  Then I stamped over that and embossed with black. You can sort of see it at the top here.


Technically I suspect I used the “wrong” side of the embossing folder, but this side left the open area st the bottom, the “right” side it was all raised so would have been covered with the glue and then the flakes.  I prefer it this way.


It really GLOWS.  And yes, the brayer cleans up perfectly with soapy water.  The glue stays moveable for a bit, but if it dries too much it totally tears the paper when you try to roll the brayer.  Practice on a scrap!

This will be lovely with the snowflake embossing folder and the Winter …whatever it’s called, the silver flakes that comes with the kit. It’s on the floor someplace….

Now, back to work as I have a huge pile of laundry sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor calling to me……