Christmas Card Printables

Note: If you pop to this post here you can see how to turn a group into a cute 3d ornament for your tree.

Just playing around with card printables.  These are not radically different from my set last year but different enough, and flexible enough that I think they work well.

Now, the printables can be used in lots of different ways.  I did crowd them onto the sheet, so you can get 10 of them with one print, but that limits you to cutting them out rather than die-cutting them.  There are two pages – one more Christmas, one more Season’s Greetings.

To make the odd angled card base:

  1. cut a 10 1/2 x 6 inch piece of cardstock
  2. score at 4 inches and 8 inches
  3. mark 2 inches from the left edge (on the bottom edge) and 1/2 inch to the right of the score line at 8 inches on the top edge.
  4. Line your ruler up with the upper left corner and the 2 inch mark and cut
  5. Line your ruler up with the 1/2 inch mark and the lower right corner and cut

You should end up with a parallelogram like this!

Of course you can make a simple folded card but I liked the slightly wonky angle of this – and depending how you fold it and which way is up,  you can alter how it stands. For this one, I cut out one of the wintry trees, added some Stickles, and embossed each flap only.

I did my brayered glitter technique on the embossing and added the tree.  In this one, the angle cut is top to bottom.

But it still stands just fine. The starburst from the folder falls just right to top the tree – a happy accident, I think, certainly not by design!

Another option is to cut out a group of 4 trees (and note that you can trim them with a white border as you see left, if you prefer) then score three in half.  You can see where this is going, I think….

Stick three together to make a 3D tree

Add a star and a bit of ribbon and stick the tree  on the angle edge – this one is a different orientation but it still works!

You can also cut a 4th tree and add it inside to hide the back. Can you see this is printed on textured cardstock?  I think that really makes it look better

You can be very frugal and use only two trees rather than three and it still looks cute.  Standing up:

It looks like it’s leaning but I assure you it’s standing up!

Have fun with it and if you come up with a fab design using the printables, do share!


BIG CARDS – 6 of Clubs

OK so this is a weird one.  It occurred to me that so much of what I do is on my computer, not at all sticky, inky, scrappy or messy, and that fact is not reflected at ALL in my BIG CARDS.  I had the idea to stamp all over the sheet, with some of the 100s of letter and number stamps I have, for one of my BIG CARDS, and it kinda hit me that the same thing would work well, better, maybe, with fonts.  So that’s pretty much it.  Here’s the card – I simply created the file in my drawing program and the only thing I did was Copic colour the pointing finger dingbat.

I actually considered printing it on coloured card or paper, but I really wanted to colour the hand so left it on white – interesting, isn’t it, that the white of the card is so…NOT.

5 to go! I freely admit I NEVER thought I would manage to follow-thru on this.  With only a couple of weeks missed out for previously used cards, and a couple of not-Monday posts, I am now so close to the end.  I really have enjoyed challenging myself, had a great time playing with techniques and supplies, and need to come up with something for next year that will keep me experimenting!

But for today, it’s my birthday and I am having a lazy day, so not going to worry about THAT just yet…..

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Sunday-someplace-else (Cult Pens)

Slightly unusual for me, this SSE post is more retail than I would usually do.  I stumbled on the Cult Pens site and thought it was just so comprehensive it was worth a mention. This page has a huge range of white ink or lead pens, for a start.And they carry the Signo white gel pens!

A pack of 12 is £24.08 (approx. £2) with free shipping (£2.26 for one).  On Amazon they are £1.75, but don’t be fooled – £1.25 shipping! And PaperChase sells them (but mine never has them in stock) but for £2.50.

I am quite excited because they carry the PermOpaque markers, which I love, and mine are getting a bit dry – I bought then at least 15 years ago from a craft show in the States!  But I still use them quite often and was wondering how I might replace some of the colours!

They also have the Posca pens, which are fab – the blurb:

Uni POSCA markers use water-based pigment ink to produce poster-like vibrant colours.

Writes on metal, glass, plastic, stone, etc. – virtually any surface.
Non-bleed ink doesn’t feather and doesn’t bleed through paper, unlike alcohol-based markers.
Writes on sketches, photographs and fabrics.
7 different nib sizes covers a wide range of applications
Easily removed from glass – ideal for temporary signs on windows, windscreens, etc.
Opaque colour – allow to dry after application and new ink will completely cover the previous colour.

Let the kids draw (or tape a colouring book page to the outside and trace and colour in) a Christmas scene on the window then wipe it away on 12th night – we used to paint a scene with acrylic paint on our big picture window every year and believe me that was way more messy! But it was as much looked forward to as putting up the tree.

They have a load of Copic sets, not sure if the price is as good as the best out there, but for example, the Copic 72 pen set is £164.47 on and £139.00 on Cult Pens with free express delivery.

If you love pens this is well worth a look.  And no, this is not a sponsored review – I just thought the site was a good one and wanted to share.


SDC74 – Nature

Once again I found the idea for the SDC leap into my head.  I had pinned something ages ago about making fabric leaves, as well as an Etsy seller who make the leaves with photos on.  Never got around to actually doing it, but as soon as I saw the challenge I knew that it was just the ticket.  I ironed the fabric on to some freezer paper and sent it thru my printer to get the text.  Using a stamp-positioner I stamped the Stampotique tree.  I cut a second leaf shape (using the X-Cut largest leaf die) and sandwiched a wire in between.  I coloured in the stamp with coloured pencils, and coloured the ivy leaves I pulled off a garland, so they were more autumnal.  I smudged on a bit of Distress INk (Tumbled glass for the sort of sky colour and Forest Moss (which you can’t really see under the leaves.)  I also stamped and cut the pumpkin.  The whole thing is clamped in a binder clip, covered in Washi Tape, then the leaves and the raffia got stuck on – a few strand of raffia shoot up along the sides just for a bit of extra interest.  I tried my darndest to work in some hearts (“in love with the ground” and all that) but I just didn’t like any of the experiments so in the end I left them off.  The top of the binder clip becomes the base that stands the piece up.

….and a little closer

I figure pumpkins are fall/autumn not just Halloween, and it gave me a nice jolt of colour – I also really like the look of the coloured pencils on the fabric ivy.  That actually worked a whole lot better than I expected it to.  Bright red, yellow, orange, and brown leaves would have been too colourful, I think, but the waxy pencil over the dark green toned it down quite a bit.  I may add another pumpkin, the taller, thinner one from the cube, not sure.


Christmas gift tags – printable freebies

As much as I would like to keep ignoring Christmas, I can’t.  I need to shop, wrap and stash pretty soon now, so my first task is to make my gift tags for this year.  Simple, but cute, I think.

The PDF has three pages – a page of small tags, 2 x a bit less than 3 inches, and two pages of larger tags, about 4 x 3, and some round ones.  The round ones can be punched or cut with a circle die, and there is enough space for them to be a bit flexible:

Just stick them to the gift or punch a hole and tie them on with ribbon.  You could easily use them on a layout as a little embellishment or even for one of the little hanging ornament cards like this:

Hope you find them useful!


WOYWW 180 – MouseCam

Well, there is absolutely nothing crafty on my desk today as I am quite possibly sitting at the US Embassy in London, getting my passport renewal forms (and DDs) in process.  They take way all your technology when you enter, so no phone, no iPad, no laptop, no Kindle, but a good old-fashioned book will keep me busy.  I am hoping it won’t take hours, but really, who knows? Funnily enough it always comes down to the photos.  The UK size is different to the US one and finding a photographer who can sort out the exact specs and produce a photo the Embassy won’t reject is always a challenge.

It’s entirely likely I won’t even manage to add my link to WOYWW today, as we are staying in a hotel near the Embassy and I expect the family will be less than impressed if I stay up watching TV or reading till the WOYWW post time, but on the off-chance that someone drops by I’ll just add this:

What the heck is that, you ask? Well, that is the camera view from the security cameras.  Lovely shot of the patio, with my drying rack sitting in the middle of it, and a shot out across the back yard, the front door, and the big view down the driveway.  DH watches the cameras over the internet and half the time as soon as someone pulls up, like a delivery van, the phone rings – it’s him wanting to know who is at the door!

But the last view was a surprise to me.  I spotted it on my monitor the other day and I just could not figure out what it was!  Usually that upper left frame is near enough the same as the big one, as the two cameras point the same way.  But the one went blank last week, and DH spent  Saturday trying to de-bug it.  When he couldn’t, apparently he hooked it up and put it in the loft – as you may recall we have had a few mice in the house after the harvest, and with the colder weather.  We’ve had the pest controller around, but he thought we might catch some movement on the camera to let us know the mice are still in residence.  so far, no glowing eyes or furry bodies.  Let’s hope it stays that way!

So there you go – a pretty unorthodox WOYWW this week, but it’s the best I can do! I’ll pop round after the opening evening tonight at the local college to check it out as a possible next-step for DD, or tomorrow.  Trapped in all day awaiting the dryer repair guy – yes, the BRAND NEW DRYER is making a thumping noise that is driving me MAD so we are trying to get it sorted.  Thank goodness we didn’t buy it from Comet…..


BIG CARDS – 7 of Clubs

I had a lot of ideas for this one but I was feeling pretty crap due to a nasty cold so went with something easy.  I simply embossed the background card, then brayered over some embossing ink and het embossed with some sparkly black embossing powder.

I left the middle empty for the letters.

I used my Copics to colour the arcs – very bright, very random.

The letters are little foam ones, which I also coloured with the Copics to match.

Probably one of the brightest of the lot.  I think had I been more mentally on the ball, I would have done two things – first, I would have matched up the embossing on the black card and second, I would have  brayered on the embossing ink over the black card as well, and added the sparkly black embossing powder to it too.  I may still be able to add that but not today.


Funny use for a layout

I am not sure I will get to my BIG CARD today, as I am trying to sort out my passport application, arranging a haircut and photos for me and DD, and getting ready for a long day at the Embassy later in the week.  DH is a bit of a worrier, so he decided we needed to fill out both of the possible forms we think we need (although it seems clear to me that only one of them is required) and the one that I think ISN’T required asks for information about my parents.  I know, off the top of my head, the standard stuff, like middle names, birth dates, etc.  but the LOCATION of their birth was not something I could easily recall.  I knew the STATE but not the town.  I knew my father was born at home, but where HOME was, I just wasn’t sure.  Where would I have that info, I thought, without having to call my parents to get it? Especially since they called the other day and they were on the way to LBI to assess the storm damage to the houses, and power, phone lines, etc. were not guaranteed.  Why, on a family tree layout, of course!

And sure enough, there is was in my album with all the info included.  Woo Hoo!

The circular family tree info charts where from Martha Stewart’s site, and this layout was done yonks ago, like 10 years or more, but it had all the info I needed to fill in the blanks.

I thought it interesting that my scrapbooking had a real-world practical benefit, and it was worth mentioning, for that reason.  And I still like the layout pretty well, despite it’s age, but I LOVE it for the big SCORE of getting the info quickly and painlessly.  And it was Camden, NJ for my Mom and Connorsville, PA for my Dad, in case you were wondering.  Only my Dad’s father (who was born in the Tyrol in Northern Italy) and my daughter, who was born in London, were not USA born and bred.

Back to forms….BAH!


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Sunday-someplace-else (Life in color)

The National Geographic site has a book called Life in color.  What it says:

Life in Color is arranged by color in a rainbow of beauty. Each chapter, devoted to a color, begins with a short, inspiring essay that explores the qualities, meaning, and symbolism of that color, written in the same warm and lovely voice that guided the reader through Visions of Earth. Color chapters include photographs that are predominantly blue, orange, green, yellow, purple, and red. Smaller sections present images in silver, brown, black, gold, white, and “unseen color”—not seen with the naked eye, such as laser, the universe, and microscopic images. Throughout, interesting quotes and surprising short insights in the captions give the reader an entirely new look at the color in the world around us.

I love it.  And the online gallery is a feast for the eyes. Since I am still feeling not very well today and not crafting, I thought I would share it instead. Starting with RED, here are a few of my favourites:

The site is well worth a look and is sure to inspire you.

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Christmas card with SVG

I completed the card yesterday so thought I would add it.  The shapes are pretty basic but I think it comes together really cute.

The SVG file is on Dropbox. Just do a test cut then line up the various strips of coloured card like I did in the previous sample, then cut.
to add:  does that link allow you to download the SVG?  If not, does this one? Get treebits.svg for the file!

I THINK you should be able to un-group them in whatever software you are using to resize them if you want to make a bigger card.

Here is a PDF of the tree shapes so if you like it and want to cut the trees by hand,  you can.  I would say use a star punch and a couple of small circle punches for the other bits, and then do a rounded-corner rectangle for the background and a strip cut into small rectangles for the trunk of the tree.

Have fun with it!