Look what one of my followers did!


I have been DYING to share this since Moz sent me a photo of her version.  It is, as I said previously, just stunning.  She used my circular CD calendar printables but made it so pretty (so not me, but like she says regarding my grungy style, I can appreciate the work that went in to it!) that I was totally blown away.  Do make sure you go to her blog to see the other versions, not quite so frilly and feminine as this one, but each as wonderful. Also, if you Pin it on Pinterest it would be lovely if you pinned hers rather than mine!

Cream on Cream Calendar

Isn’t that just stunning? I am totally in love with that wispy leaf die cut and the fine tendrils.  And the cream on cream colour scheme is lovely.

It is such a pleasure to see what people do with things I make available.  They often surpass my own efforts! I know someone who would LOVE this creamy version, so may have to have a go at it.  I planned to do so but, as usual, life got in the way.  In any case, I hope this pretty version will tempt some who looked at my grungy one and went “No thanks.”  And it gives me quiet pleasure to know that half a world away, someone has been inspired by me.  Makes it all worthwhile.

Cheers Moz.

5 thoughts on “Look what one of my followers did!

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  2. So beautiful….I have always been attracted to any sort of paper art, I am also an artist. I create digital and traditional paintings and drawings. is the site that I love to draw online you can see about 1500-2000 of my artworks there. Doing more traditional stuff now though and would love to give this a go sometime.

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  4. This is a great take on your CD calendar. Thanks for all you share with your followers.

  5. It is indeed stunning – and a fitting tribute to your own creativity :).

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