MORE calendars!


I had a couple of emails asking for specific calendars.  One, for a matchbook calendar, I figured I could do easily by adapting something I had already made.  The other I couldn’t, but more because what my commenter asked for I simply could not picture in my head – all my imaginings would have produced something too big to suit and probably required printing on both sides of the paper.  I tried, I really did, but I just couldn’t make anything suitable in the end.  That annoyed me.

But the matchbook calendar, that was fairly easy.  I began with something I had already been playing with, it was just the sizing that needed to be made right.  But while I was making it, I thought of my favourite calendar related quote, one that I have used a few times on various things, including what may be my most popular Project Life printable.  I figured a few tweaks and I could easily make a cover to include with the month blocks. So I did.

One of the issues with designing when you use A4 and loads of your visitors use US letter is that you either have to adapt ONE file to work for both or make two files.  I usually choose to adapt one file, as I did with this one  (here is the PDF download.) In order to accommodate both paper sizes, I chose to make a 3 page set that prints two full calendars.

This is what I would suggest – when you print, tick the option to print From Page 1 to 1 (or when you open the PDF if your reader gives you the option, Print Selected Page) to print just the sheet with the covers on heavy, good quality cardstock.  Then print the remaining pages 2 to 4 (or skip the cover entirely and ONLY print the remaining pages, if you want to make your own cover!) on plain printer paper.  Thicker card might make it hard to get a staple through all 12 pieces.

Cut out the cover and all the monthly sheets.  These monthly sheets could be used to make a tear-off calendar as well.

Score along the top of  the coloured strip – the one at the very top here.  This creates the flap of your matchbook.

Insert the month sheets under this flap then staple all the sheets in place, like so (I used a blue staple) about 1/4 inch up from the folded edge

Fold the top down and insert the edge under the flap.  I find this works better than scoring and then trying to make it fit, as any slight variation in paper thickness, staple placement, etc will affect it.

Finally, run over the top with your bone folder.

I print on a photo paper matte and high quality setting – I promise you I did not tweak the photos at all – it’s really that vibrant!

I still have my original one but not 100% sure I am happy with the font combo.  I also have a pretty scripty font one, in brown, also with a cover, but the font is one of those where some letters are bigger, fatter or thinner, rise up or drop down, and my eye will not help but focus on the slight wonkiness.  I either have to get over it, or pick a different font.  You may still see it.  You may even see the original, who knows?

If you want to make your own cover, the dimensions are 6 3/4 x 3.  The flap score is at 1/2 inch then do the same, tuck the edge under and smooth the crease with a bone folder.

6 thoughts on “MORE calendars!

  1. Hey MA just printed these out to make for the girls at work (their desks) – thanks so much for taking the time to do this. Gilly x

  2. Have just printed out the PDF three times – first one brilliant colour!! (which is rather strange considering I haven’t used the printer for a week) So feeling inspired I did two more but despite doing all above next two came out sans blue. It’s definitely the blue mode that mucks about,(actually get some very interesting colours some times – they are certainly unique lol) but it can’t be the settings or it wouldn’t work occasionally surely? I already have some sheets I printed out with various options and papers but not as scientific as a colour strip!! I don’t have photoshop I use Serif – may be able to do something but I think my son has something on his pc,, I may try that. Nothing is as tedious as deciding on a project and then nothing prints out properly! Lately I have been resorting to emailing things to myself and printing them out at work but that has issues as I have to remember to take the paper etc etc.and if I don’t save things correctly sometimes I can’t open my files at work. (antiquated software and s***hot new printer – go figure). And I have one new CD that I can’t seem to get at the images so they can’t be sent anywhere else.
    Oh well, thanks for the advice, onwards and upwards. By the way the calender looks really cute – I cheated a bit and used some 2013 calenders that are sitting here and about to go to waste if I don’t get my act together so thanks for this quick little project – ideal for guys at work!!

    • Well I am at least happy ONE of them printed vividly so I am pretty sure it isn’t my files that are the problem 🙂 Do keep me posted on your progress. Dare I suggest a new printer might be in order? Maybe for Christmas? 🙂


  3. Loving all these ideas – can’t keep up with your productivity though!! Quick question as I am on the hunt for a new one, what printer are you using? I have a Kodak ESP3250 which is absolutely capable of great printing but actually rarely performs that well without endless head cleaning. I think it may need new printheads but as it is two years old feel the money might be better spent on a new printer, technology moves on etc. I’d love to do more stuff from the pc (I have lots of digi images!!) but it just isn’t reliable enough for me. Soooo, any suggestions gratefully received. I’m going to try and print this one out but I bet it doesn’t come out vibrant at all!!!

    Cindy x

    • I have a Canon iP4950. But I always select at the very least two things – first (and I bet your printer drive has different options but use mine as a guide) I click QUALITY & MEDIA and select Photo Paper > Matte Photo Paper. Second I select Print Quality > High. If I print something I downloaded from someone else, depending on how the first print looks, I sometimes click Color Options > Vivid Photo.

      If you have Photoshop Elements or the like, open the PDF in that. Mark and copy just the colourful strip into a new file, save, then print that with a variety of settings. Mark them, so you know what the settings were. Maybe that will help you find the setting for YOUR printer that works best? Tedious, I know, but when my Epson started acting up I did this and it saved me printing things 3, 4, 5 times trying to get the colours I wanted!



  4. I like it si much.thank you !

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