WOYWW 182 – Pan Pastels

Hello all you WOYWW-ers!  I have been playing with my Pan Pastels, a bit.  Probably wasteful but I just can’t help but try to push the boundaries of my supplies so it’s all about the experimentation for me.  I have a load of ideas I want to test out, but what is on my W this W is my attempts with the pastels on black card.

My first attempt is hiding under the glare off the stamp mount. It’s not perfect, very much needs refining, but the play has pointed out some potential techniques that I can explore further, and that is my plan for today.  I’ll be glued to my desk  while I await the courier with mine and DDs new passports. My desk overlooks the drive so I should have no trouble catching them as they arrive….unless I get too engrossed in my craftyness.

It is perhaps too “dusty” but I have an idea for sorting that – we’ll see if it works! The colour has an almost suede-like look to it that I like.  What amazes me is how well the pastels pick up the fine details – check out the little row of dots around the centre diamond on the homemade stamp (the green image) for what I mean.  It could be quite interesting.

So, time for you to hop on.  Be sure to pop to Julia‘s for the whole Mr Linky list and see what is going on, creatively, on workdesks around the world…..