BIG CARDS – 5 of clubs


The light is so rubbish lately that I am struggling to get a decent photo.  Today’s card wasn’t helped by using so much “wet” stuff that all needed drying time.

I started with black cardstock and fairly randomly sponged on a bit of Versamark.  I embossed that with UTEE, not melting it all the way so it was a bit pebble-y in areas:

I almost stopped there! But I didn’t – with a palette knife I layered on some black acrylic paint.  That gave me a background that was both glossy and matte. Paint still wet here:

Now dry – and I misted on some purple Cosmic Shimmer thru a letter stencil, which sank in to the painted areas but beaded up on the glossy embossed ones:

Then I added some gold circles and spritzed the cosmic Shimmer onto the gold paint.  I layered tat on to the surface, very blotchy, scraping it on the high points.  The mixture of the gold paint and mica mist was really interesting!

I also scraped the gold along the edges and added the gold letters.  By this point the light was REALLY BAD:

So much texture.  I love it.  and just 4 more to go!


4 thoughts on “BIG CARDS – 5 of clubs

  1. Oh wow well done i love it what a great idea!

  2. Really cool and very grungy!! Need to park off the dainty and pretty and get down and messy!

  3. Despite the lighting, I think it looks great!!! Love it….may I ask how big are these cards and how are they used? ie scrapbook, cardmaking, etc?

    • I’ve been asked this so any times 🙂 They are just for me – it was a way to try out a load of techniques and have SOMETHING at the end of it, but I really don’t have a “plan” – I thought I might make them into a real, normal sized deck of cards (they are pretty close to 8 x 11 in size) but to pay for ONE deck is stupid. Maybe I’ll turn them into the biggest House of Cards ever and use them as a huge piece of home decor/dust magnet…. but I doubt it.


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