Well last week was a bit of a wash for me.  After being stuck at the embassy for hours with no device, then open evening at DDs potential college, I missed all of Wednesday.  When I found time later (Friday?  Can’t remember now!) Mr Linky had disappeared!  No idea where he went, although I know he did come back at some point, and I can’t be sure if it was just me or not.  Bizarre.  I’m planning on getting started visiting first thing (well, after we pick up my car from its MOT and I book DDs Challengers events for the next term) and am prepared to be inspired by 2 weeks of WOYWWs

My desk is fairly clean but I do have a project on the go – not sure if it will work out as I imagine but see what you make of this pile of goodies.

Some odd things, some expected things, and even I don’t know what I will end up using – maybe none of it!

Happy WOYWW!