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Sunday-someplace-else (Cult Pens)

Slightly unusual for me, this SSE post is more retail than I would usually do.  I stumbled on the Cult Pens site and thought it was just so comprehensive it was worth a mention. This page has a huge range of white ink or lead pens, for a start.And they carry the Signo white gel pens!

A pack of 12 is £24.08 (approx. £2) with free shipping (£2.26 for one).  On Amazon they are £1.75, but don’t be fooled – £1.25 shipping! And PaperChase sells them (but mine never has them in stock) but for £2.50.

I am quite excited because they carry the PermOpaque markers, which I love, and mine are getting a bit dry – I bought then at least 15 years ago from a craft show in the States!  But I still use them quite often and was wondering how I might replace some of the colours!

They also have the Posca pens, which are fab – the blurb:

Uni POSCA markers use water-based pigment ink to produce poster-like vibrant colours.

Writes on metal, glass, plastic, stone, etc. – virtually any surface.
Non-bleed ink doesn’t feather and doesn’t bleed through paper, unlike alcohol-based markers.
Writes on sketches, photographs and fabrics.
7 different nib sizes covers a wide range of applications
Easily removed from glass – ideal for temporary signs on windows, windscreens, etc.
Opaque colour – allow to dry after application and new ink will completely cover the previous colour.

Let the kids draw (or tape a colouring book page to the outside and trace and colour in) a Christmas scene on the window then wipe it away on 12th night – we used to paint a scene with acrylic paint on our big picture window every year and believe me that was way more messy! But it was as much looked forward to as putting up the tree.

They have a load of Copic sets, not sure if the price is as good as the best out there, but for example, the Copic 72 pen set is £164.47 on and £139.00 on Cult Pens with free express delivery.

If you love pens this is well worth a look.  And no, this is not a sponsored review – I just thought the site was a good one and wanted to share.