WOYWW 180 – MouseCam

Well, there is absolutely nothing crafty on my desk today as I am quite possibly sitting at the US Embassy in London, getting my passport renewal forms (and DDs) in process.  They take way all your technology when you enter, so no phone, no iPad, no laptop, no Kindle, but a good old-fashioned book will keep me busy.  I am hoping it won’t take hours, but really, who knows? Funnily enough it always comes down to the photos.  The UK size is different to the US one and finding a photographer who can sort out the exact specs and produce a photo the Embassy won’t reject is always a challenge.

It’s entirely likely I won’t even manage to add my link to WOYWW today, as we are staying in a hotel near the Embassy and I expect the family will be less than impressed if I stay up watching TV or reading till the WOYWW post time, but on the off-chance that someone drops by I’ll just add this:

What the heck is that, you ask? Well, that is the camera view from the security cameras.  Lovely shot of the patio, with my drying rack sitting in the middle of it, and a shot out across the back yard, the front door, and the big view down the driveway.  DH watches the cameras over the internet and half the time as soon as someone pulls up, like a delivery van, the phone rings – it’s him wanting to know who is at the door!

But the last view was a surprise to me.  I spotted it on my monitor the other day and I just could not figure out what it was!  Usually that upper left frame is near enough the same as the big one, as the two cameras point the same way.  But the one went blank last week, and DH spent  Saturday trying to de-bug it.  When he couldn’t, apparently he hooked it up and put it in the loft – as you may recall we have had a few mice in the house after the harvest, and with the colder weather.  We’ve had the pest controller around, but he thought we might catch some movement on the camera to let us know the mice are still in residence.  so far, no glowing eyes or furry bodies.  Let’s hope it stays that way!

So there you go – a pretty unorthodox WOYWW this week, but it’s the best I can do! I’ll pop round after the opening evening tonight at the local college to check it out as a possible next-step for DD, or tomorrow.  Trapped in all day awaiting the dryer repair guy – yes, the BRAND NEW DRYER is making a thumping noise that is driving me MAD so we are trying to get it sorted.  Thank goodness we didn’t buy it from Comet…..