Funny use for a layout

I am not sure I will get to my BIG CARD today, as I am trying to sort out my passport application, arranging a haircut and photos for me and DD, and getting ready for a long day at the Embassy later in the week.  DH is a bit of a worrier, so he decided we needed to fill out both of the possible forms we think we need (although it seems clear to me that only one of them is required) and the one that I think ISN’T required asks for information about my parents.  I know, off the top of my head, the standard stuff, like middle names, birth dates, etc.  but the LOCATION of their birth was not something I could easily recall.  I knew the STATE but not the town.  I knew my father was born at home, but where HOME was, I just wasn’t sure.  Where would I have that info, I thought, without having to call my parents to get it? Especially since they called the other day and they were on the way to LBI to assess the storm damage to the houses, and power, phone lines, etc. were not guaranteed.  Why, on a family tree layout, of course!

And sure enough, there is was in my album with all the info included.  Woo Hoo!

The circular family tree info charts where from Martha Stewart’s site, and this layout was done yonks ago, like 10 years or more, but it had all the info I needed to fill in the blanks.

I thought it interesting that my scrapbooking had a real-world practical benefit, and it was worth mentioning, for that reason.  And I still like the layout pretty well, despite it’s age, but I LOVE it for the big SCORE of getting the info quickly and painlessly.  And it was Camden, NJ for my Mom and Connorsville, PA for my Dad, in case you were wondering.  Only my Dad’s father (who was born in the Tyrol in Northern Italy) and my daughter, who was born in London, were not USA born and bred.

Back to forms….BAH!