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Christmas card with SVG

I completed the card yesterday so thought I would add it.  The shapes are pretty basic but I think it comes together really cute.

The SVG file is on Dropbox. Just do a test cut then line up the various strips of coloured card like I did in the previous sample, then cut.
to add:  does that link allow you to download the SVG?  If not, does this one? Get treebits.svg for the file!

I THINK you should be able to un-group them in whatever software you are using to resize them if you want to make a bigger card.

Here is a PDF of the tree shapes so if you like it and want to cut the trees by hand,  you can.  I would say use a star punch and a couple of small circle punches for the other bits, and then do a rounded-corner rectangle for the background and a strip cut into small rectangles for the trunk of the tree.

Have fun with it!