Hello WOYWWers.  I am either doing the happy dance or lying in a heap in a darkened room sobbing quietly depending on the outcome of the US elections.  I can’t say yet which it will be as I am scheduling this post.

I was looking back at my printables from last year.  Remember them? I wanted to play with the larger tree block.

It was one of my favourite sets and I thought, after my success yesterday making an SVG cut file, that I would have a go at creating and SVG for this set and seeing about using the same total embossing effect.  It worked a treat.  I knew having my Cricut hooked up and ready to go, rather than having to drag it out and find a place for it every time I wanted to use it would come in handy! What is on my desk today is the beginnings of a card.

I cut all the bits by doing the same thing I did with the other one, doing a test cut on plain cheap card, then lining up the various bits of coloured card and cutting it all in one go.  I stuck the bits to the blue background, embossed the whole thing, then sanded away just the background, not the tree.  It’s such a simple shape it was easy to do.  Love how it looks.  I will find the time today to make a proper cut file, lay it out, and then post it to Dropbox tomorrow so you can grab it if you like it.  It will be, I think, an easy one to reproduce in bulk for the few friends we send cards to.  I will probably do a welded title in Scal, but no idea how to do THAT in such a way that I can share it.

So, if I am not weeping with dismay and the election outcome that will be WO my WW! And unless I am incapacitated by grief, I’ll be popping round to see YOU later.  I can’t wait for the inspiration…..

I wonder… did this video drive people to the voting stations? Too exhausted to dance, but thankful the Zombie Apocalypse has been averted….


31 thoughts on “WOYWW 179

  1. I am new to your website. Please tell me what WOYWW means. It is driving me CRAZY! Thanks, Shari

    • It means ‘what’s on your workdesk wednesday’, its basically a massive blog hop having a nosey round other peoples desks :O)

  2. I just love the tools you work with,its all so intriguing to me, I hope your best man wins the election ( I’m Canadian).

  3. Lovely christmas cards …. I think I need to get a move on in my card making.
    Sandra @10

  4. I am watching election coverage right now! I love election night, I try to stay up and see who wins, out polls just closed in Maine, out independent senator won (YAY!) but the big seat is still up for grabs…hopefully it won’t be too close to call! Happy WOYWW! Lindsay #16

  5. A very neat and tidy desk. Do you like using those type of scissors for your fussy cutting? It’s a nice start to a card, too! Nan 19

  6. The American Elections have been going on here too, late show so I guess no one is watching now…. what a lot of money they use on them!! Why do they need pop singers to play for them and…I hate hearing about the people who get sick and can’t pay for medicine. You desk look fab this week, I love punches I’m addicted to them, I have soooo many, don’t have a crucut 😦
    Have a great crafty week
    HapPy WoyWw!!
    ((Lyn)) might be #22…

  7. Lovely desk.

    Craft donkey

  8. your workspace is so inspirational!!! love your holiday pieces….

  9. Oh I envy you, I so want to work with my electronic die cutter but I just never seem to get around to it. Love your space and your creations!
    Angie #31

  10. An American in Canada – yep been watching the election coverage. I haven’t learned to do the cutting files…use my Cricut lots for basic stuff (shame 😦 ) Sandi #37

  11. I’m another hanging my head in shame…I have only used my cricut twice and then managed to lose the cord. Have to get a new one ordered…Yikes!
    Your card looks great so far…hope you post the finished version next week/.

  12. Looks like a fun play there – hope you get the right outcome this morning. Sunshine Girl No. 54

  13. Your cards will be great – hope you are doing the happy dance! Helen, 4

  14. I LOVE that embossed Christmas card – the simple graphic design really appeals to me and anything with swirls and flourishes on is a winner!! I’d buy that one in the shops!!
    Hope you are happy and celebrating rather than drowning your sorrows 😀
    Hugs, LLJ #58 xx

  15. Well girlfriend, Im a relieved and happy observer of the US election, I must admit!
    Loving your follow through with the embossing overall, it looks really good with the cute tree! Score! With the Cricut!!

  16. Can’t say i’m that in tune with the whole svg scene, i’m a bit tec challenged so i stick to my manual machine where all the hard work is done for me, but i do admire those that can. your card looks cute.
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugz Minxy #1

  17. Hope the outcome is the one you wanted for the election.

    Love the tags they are so cute, am debating about investing in a machine but not sure which so lovely to see what people are creating with theirs although doesnt make my decision any easier. lol

    Happy WOYWW

    Lou #74

  18. Hope you are dancing round the living room, hate the isea of your sobbing in a corner. Love the card, that embossing folder is lovely.
    Ann B

  19. Love the embossed cards BJ#30

  20. Fab things going on, I’ve been loving popping by your desk and your printables are amazing! Take care. Zo xx 82

  21. Super card on your desk…
    I do hope the election turns out as you’d prefer. It is all so much more exciting than our’s ever are. I love all the razzamatazz but really don’t know enough about the important bits!
    Jo x

  22. Hello fellow American!
    I see you are well excited about the election – I hope it went your way – I couldn’t really figure out what you want! I haven’t voted as I am not that involved in American politics but I usually watch all the goings on! I am happy with the results though!
    I don’t have a cricut – all my crafting is “handmade” – don’t really use any machines but I guess it must be quite handy! You have a very tidy desk – I NEVER do! Ha, ha….
    Lots of hugs,

  23. Good morning, Mary Anne. Hope you got the right outcome for the election. :o) I was dead impressed with your tidy desk tehn scrolled down and realised it wasnlt your desk! LOL I have my trusty Cricut out all the time – I couldn’t do without it. The only thing I regret is that it doesn’t emboss. Happy Wednesday. :o)
    Sue x (MiniOwner @95)

  24. Thanks for letting me know about my url. I think it autofillled in…I will change it…
    Thanks for the kind comment on my blog earlier.. Scrappymo #32

  25. Would love a Cricut but don’t think I would be able to get my money’s worth so I’ll stick with my shiny new Bigshot for now! Very funny video clip, thanks for sharing! Chris

  26. I love having my Cricut close to hand. LOVE that video, though the first bit of it had me questioning my character assessment skills lol. Love your printables and hoping your week is fabulous :D. #116

  27. Fabulous crafty bits and workspace. Thanks for sharing

    Hugs Annie x

  28. Fun printables, that embossing is great!


  29. Love the shot of your punches and your printables are great. The swirly embossing folder works really well on your card too. I’m assuming that you are pleased with the results of the election and it’s good to know that the Zombie Apocalypse has been averted … for at least four years 🙂

  30. I need to make room to store my Cricut and Big Shot Pro where I can get at them and use them more. Love the looks of the Christmas tree cards. Interesting bit about Mitt Romney. I am so glad the election is over and the best man won!

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