Hello WOYWWers.  I am either doing the happy dance or lying in a heap in a darkened room sobbing quietly depending on the outcome of the US elections.  I can’t say yet which it will be as I am scheduling this post.

I was looking back at my printables from last year.  Remember them? I wanted to play with the larger tree block.

It was one of my favourite sets and I thought, after my success yesterday making an SVG cut file, that I would have a go at creating and SVG for this set and seeing about using the same total embossing effect.  It worked a treat.  I knew having my Cricut hooked up and ready to go, rather than having to drag it out and find a place for it every time I wanted to use it would come in handy! What is on my desk today is the beginnings of a card.

I cut all the bits by doing the same thing I did with the other one, doing a test cut on plain cheap card, then lining up the various bits of coloured card and cutting it all in one go.  I stuck the bits to the blue background, embossed the whole thing, then sanded away just the background, not the tree.  It’s such a simple shape it was easy to do.  Love how it looks.  I will find the time today to make a proper cut file, lay it out, and then post it to Dropbox tomorrow so you can grab it if you like it.  It will be, I think, an easy one to reproduce in bulk for the few friends we send cards to.  I will probably do a welded title in Scal, but no idea how to do THAT in such a way that I can share it.

So, if I am not weeping with dismay and the election outcome that will be WO my WW! And unless I am incapacitated by grief, I’ll be popping round to see YOU later.  I can’t wait for the inspiration…..

I wonder… did this video drive people to the voting stations? Too exhausted to dance, but thankful the Zombie Apocalypse has been averted….