Sunday-in-my-kitchen – washi my monitor


This one is just a little bit out there, and I blame DH.  After having to unload everything out of the kitchen, to have the floor laid, then having to leave it for days till we could get them to come back and sort out the issues (including the new dryer being delivered) and me being SO BUSY with CyberCrop stuff, it seems like we have been living in chaos for a month.  Today, during a little break from sorting out the prize-giving posts, we moved everything back.  Now, I have to explain that, as I often say, in our house, like your proximity to rats in the city, you are never more than 10 feet from a computer.  This includes the kitchen.  We had a monitor at the end of the table and a Mac mini, which we used for music at dinner, and to settle …. disagreements (like who originally sang that song? or spelling or pronunciation questions, or any one of 1000 other things) and to watch the Apple keynotes.  While putting it all back in a new location, when we swapped back to the round table, DH commented on how ugly the monitor was (not an Apple one) and suggested I “do something crafty with paper” to spruce it up.  Well, I thought paper was crazy talk, but I DID think Washi tape might work, having the advantage, too, of being easily removable.  And hey ho, it does work,

Who’dda thunk it? Streaming Stevie Ray on Radio Paradise….and looking good!

Damn the early darkness a crap fluorescent lights in the kitchen!  But I think you get the idea…


8 thoughts on “Sunday-in-my-kitchen – washi my monitor

  1. I think you did a great job with monitor. Looks cool!!

  2. What a great idea !! Looks great!!! hmmmm! now you’re giving me ideas LOL!!

  3. That is fantastic MaryAnne….made me LOL….whatever else can we find to cover in washi tape 😀

  4. Yup looking gooood! LOL at all the kitchens in UKS land being transformed with Washi!
    Sue x

  5. Oh ROFLMAO! What a fab idea! I’ve seen someone spruce up a glass and aluminium display cabinet with alcohol inks, but this just beats that hands down! WTG MA….

  6. Do you know, i don’t think i own one roll of washi tape!! …………just as well really as you do tend to inspire me. Goodness know what would be next!

  7. Just catching up on some of your posts – I really like this idea…. might have to go and buy some washi tape…

  8. It certainly does look good. We have no computer nor a TV in our kitchen, but we do have 2 PCs and an Acorn in one room and 3 or 4 laptops dotted around the house – none of them have washi exteriors … yet!

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