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OK, so I lied….

I said I was done with calendars.  I’ve said I was done 3 or 4 times.  I lied.  Big fat whopping porky-pies.  Sorry.  But this was asked for and frankly my life has been chaos for a couple of weeks.  Now virtually all of the work has been done, everything had been delivered that needed delivering, and I am fairly confident it is safe to move stuff back into rooms that have been cleared and clean, and with the CyberCrop on UKS winding down, I was faced with the choice between posting nothing today, or whacking up another calendar post.  I opted for the post.

So just quickly – these are 3-to-a-page CD sheets.  They can be stamped and decorated down the left side, perhaps making a quicker gift as there are only 4 sheets to decorate.  As it was easy to adapt my other CD calendar set, I just took an hour and bashed them out.  The Black set is here, the brown set is here.

Hopefully they will be of use to you.  While I don’t take “requests” per se, if it’s as easy to do as this was, I will help if I can!