Magnetic bookmark printables

OK, I went back to this (so not done YET!) and tweaked my printables and added some bits.

I removed the defining lines, to give you more flexibility and created the little motto and some circles for added decor.

Just doing the very most basic version, print and cut and stick.

That leaves the other side for your own list of important dates.  The font is Josefin Sans if you want to match it!

You can obviously tart it up by printing the bits on smooth, coloured cardstock or lightly patterned paper.

and I used a Nestie bracket off the fold, to cut the base card for this one

and then added the magnet strips.  I like using the black card for the base as you then don’t notice the magnet quite so much.  You can barely see it there at the bottom of the “important dates” info

Again, I opted to cut the months strip and adhere, but if you wanted to make just the very most basic version you could cut the block and fold it, maybe even print on the inside my attaching it over a print of your text then running it thru the printer again.  You could do four or maybe even 5 or 6 to a page if you really snug them up together!

This is what I am reading now, a Quilt Detective book by UKS member Karen Lowe of Beanpole Books.

I’m gripped! and so is my bookmark…

Now, I have people all OVER the house – we had a leak in the roof last night, plus the Warmer Home guys are here drilling and blowing insulation into the wall cavities.  What fun!

I know I keep saying I am going off calendars but this time I think I really mean it!