WOYWW 178 – a quick one


Well Hello WOYWWers!

Just a quickie from me today – spent the day with DD doing fun stuff, and keeping one eye on the progress of Sandy along the east Coast. My parents and brother live in Virginia, my sister in North Carolina, my in-laws in Pennsylvania and we have family houses on Long Beach Island, one of the barrier islands off New Jersey.  That’s the biggest worry – my Grandfather bought land there in the 1930s and it was where I spend every summer for my entire childhood.  Here’s a layout of me, my brother and two of my cousins sitting on the porch – that house was torn down many years ago and replaced with one my parents moved from across the way.

The island was hit pretty hard, but we won’t know the damage till my parents can drive up later in the week.

Update: found this photo of 18th street (our houses are on 21st st, bayside and this looks bayside not oceanside to me) so not looking good.

As to my desk, well I will be working on a few more calendar cards (and you can read back a few to find out more about them) if I get the time, while awaiting the new dryer being delivered.

Looks pretty pristine, as that is the satellite table.  My real desk?  not so neat…

Oh dear.

I hate the fact it is so DARK here so early, this time of year.  Note to self:  take the photos earlier in the day!

Have a great day!


29 thoughts on “WOYWW 178 – a quick one

  1. I hope your holiday home do sent suffer any damage, my heart goes out to you girls who are affected by this massive storm, take care and I hope that you stay safe…..
    Lovin your layout with all those tags….

    Stay safe…


  2. I love everything that you shared!
    I hope everyone is safe!

    Happy WOYWW from #5 –

    Create With Joy

  3. Lovely cards, lovely layout. Hope family is all well and safe
    FAMFA 10 & 16 (don’t ask)

  4. Lovely layout, hope you’re not near where the storm hit, it’s on our telly over here, and doesn’t look too good. I just wonder why you have so many electric cables over head and flying around like that!?! Desk looks fabulous creative! Happy WOYWW
    ((lyn)) #6

  5. I hate the days so short on sunlight as well, your desk looks wonderful to me, you can’t create without making a bit of a mess! Beautiful cards,

  6. such a beautiful layout and love the calendar cards. hoping there isn’t too much damage when your parents can get back up there!

  7. Stay safe
    Elaine #27

  8. Oh looks terrible the storm, hope all is safe but looks like New Jersey was battered bad x fingers all is well.. Love your layout its so clever with all its little sayings.. Your cards are lovely love that daisy, looks so effective.
    Sandy 🙂

  9. great looking desk and I love those calendar cards. I think using tags on your layouts give you so much more journaling and photo opportunties. Great job! Thanks for sharing and have a great week! Vickie #39

  10. I really hope your family homes are ok and withstood the storm! The pictures are truly horrifying. Your desk is more delightful however, and I’ve had a good snoop! Helen, 4

  11. Oh I really hope that your family place is ok, but what a dreadful battering that whole coast has taken…fingers crossed for you…

    I adore those vintagey cards you’ve made, absolutely gorgeous! Don’t know which one I like best 🙂 I spent some time reading your very interesting posts below too. You do clear tutorials! Even I, a mere non-cardmaker, could follow those and have a go 😀

    Hugs, LLJ #68 xx

  12. Gawd, NJ… seems from BBC coverage to be really hit and miss, so I hope very much that your family experience no more distress than they’ve been through I preparations for safety. I turn to your desk and don’t think it’s bad at all……the sort of thing a good push back will cure!!

  13. Hoping that your family homes escape the worst, I bet you are so worried. I hope it passes soon so the area can start recovery from this terrible experience. Your LO is so special, especially now.
    I’m loving all your calendars and thank you for doing all the hard work then sharing.
    Coll desk too!
    Lv Jo x

  14. Super fresh layout. BJ#35

  15. Dark here now and I agree – miserable time of year. Hope your family home is not too badly damaged. I know people say things like ‘it’s only property’ but it’s not – it’s warm memories and family. Fingers crossed for you.
    Happy WOYWW
    Ann B

  16. I’m sat reading my WOYWW blogs on my sick bed this week but have my mask on so you don’t catch anything. I’m enjoying reading what everyone is up to this week [it’s better than reading magazines 🙂 ]. I’m leaving a copied comment so you know I’ve called by because my hands are too weak and shaky to keep typing out my comments this week.
    Big hugs,
    A x #93

  17. Hope your families houses have been spared in the Sandy disaster! I don’t have anybody there anymore but I was still watching TV and thinking about all the people there – who were maybe my friends when I was little and lived there! Love your layout and very busy desk!
    Lots of hugs,

  18. Oh my what a worry for you, Mary Anne, Hope all is well. I love your page and your calendars are looking good, too. It makes me smile that you have to work away from the mess on your workdesk; glad I’m not the only one. Happy Wednseday. :o)
    Sue x (MiniOwner @102)

  19. Hello there – not taking part this WOYWW, been told off so am resting, but wanted to pop by some of your desks anyway! I hope your homes and family stay safe. Must be such a worry. Great desk pics and your calendars are such fun, great little pressies. Take care Zo xx

  20. most of the stom lost it’s ommph by the time it got to Maine luckily. I was all set to loose power and have to cook on the woodstove but it only flashed off for a second. We had a lot of wind and rain but little damage. South of Portland Maine was where the damage was bad. I hope you family is alright and your summer place has not been swept away. Take care! happy WOYWW! Lindsay #97

  21. The LO is lovely , those little cards say it all. Hope the house is OK after this terrible storm and you can pick up the pieces with not too much difficulty. My heart goes out to all those people who are experiencing this terrible event.
    Do like your calenders!
    Tricia 86

  22. Love your calendars and direction. Love your vintage page. It shares so many memories, you must have really enjoyed putting that together.

  23. Visiting via WOYWW, first time as well. I hope everything is ok after the Storm.
    Your Calendars are lovely…and a great Idea:)
    And I love to see your main desk looking a bit messy..makes me feel better about mine:)

  24. Mmmm! Hate darker nights and dark Winter days too! Love your LO and hope that your family home is ok. Chris 126

  25. I feel blessed that the storm didn’t affect us much here in Boston where I live. I love your layout from long ago its wonderful and I would hate to if those memories got washed away! Tis why we scrapbook just incase I guess, family will be so please to see that and live out the memories through it. Blessings to your family members too!Tamika#112

  26. hope your family home is safe and was protected from the storm. You are right the auxilliary table looks quite pristine indeed.

  27. Sandy seems to have created havoc accross the pond, I hope your holiday home is ok and the water receeds quickly.
    Loving your projects and your desk this week.
    Take care, hugs Erika. 118

  28. just popped back to reply to your comment on my “desk” – no that IS the floor. I really don’t have access to a desk or table or anything at home. Roll on the next WOYWW day, I say – I quite liked sitting at a table!!!! Was sorry to see the state of the flooding on the updated picture – hope they get it sorted soon!
    Helen, 4.

  29. late getting around have a great holiday!

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