WOYWW 178 – a quick one

Well Hello WOYWWers!

Just a quickie from me today – spent the day with DD doing fun stuff, and keeping one eye on the progress of Sandy along the east Coast. My parents and brother live in Virginia, my sister in North Carolina, my in-laws in Pennsylvania and we have family houses on Long Beach Island, one of the barrier islands off New Jersey.  That’s the biggest worry – my Grandfather bought land there in the 1930s and it was where I spend every summer for my entire childhood.  Here’s a layout of me, my brother and two of my cousins sitting on the porch – that house was torn down many years ago and replaced with one my parents moved from across the way.

The island was hit pretty hard, but we won’t know the damage till my parents can drive up later in the week.

Update: found this photo of 18th street (our houses are on 21st st, bayside and this looks bayside not oceanside to me) so not looking good.

As to my desk, well I will be working on a few more calendar cards (and you can read back a few to find out more about them) if I get the time, while awaiting the new dryer being delivered.

Looks pretty pristine, as that is the satellite table.  My real desk?  not so neat…

Oh dear.

I hate the fact it is so DARK here so early, this time of year.  Note to self:  take the photos earlier in the day!

Have a great day!