BIG CARDS – 9 of Clubs (spooky)


As a nod t Halloween, I wanted the card this week to be a little spooky. I painted the black cardstock base with purple and lime green paint then laid over some book pages while it was wet.  After it dried, a bit but not totally, I peeled them away, leaving some bits of paper behind.

After that, I dry brushed a bit more paint over the pages, sprayed some Cosmic Shimmer in green and purple, dripped on some purple ink, and just layered and layered until I liked what I saw,  I didn’t have a plan, I was just playing!

Then I painted my letters lime and spritzed over a blast of the purple Cosmic Shimmer mist.

Over it all I stamped the cracked glass stamp (from Visible image) and that finished it off nicely – it’s not quite a spider web but gives a similar feel.

It looks a bit drippy and mouldy and suitably spooky.


3 thoughts on “BIG CARDS – 9 of Clubs (spooky)

  1. these cards are really cool….but what are you doing with them? are they for a wall hanging?

    • Nothing yet – I’ve said this before to others who have asked (or was that you maybe? :))that I had planned on maybe having them turned into an actual deck of cards (there are places that will do that, for a price) but as I am missing a few and no luck getting more the same size, I may just file them away!


  2. I love it Maryanne, that stamp is fab. 🙂 x

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