That grungy calendar


It’s DDs 16th today and we are celebrating as a family (DS from Scotland via Skype.)

But I wanted to whack up the Grunge version of the calendar today so here it is – just the black version, no brown this time, although I may still sort that.  I’ve been working on a small one, for tear-off calendars too, but that will have to wait for tomorrow.

It looks like this!

Do let me know if you use it – and a link to your project is always welcome!

9 thoughts on “That grungy calendar

  1. thanks Friends … can i use for my calendar ?
    and i’ll to give link back here if its done …

    tfs Djyoti

  2. My word, sweet sixteen for sweet M, happy returns to her!
    Am loving the grunged version….but it’s don’t hold your breath, huh!

  3. I can’t seem to download it. can you tell me what I am doing wrong?

    • Not really, because it should be as easy as clicking the link. What happens when you do that?


      • hmmmm, now it works….before, when I clicked on it I would get a yellow bubble with an exclamation point inside and nothing would happen….thanks and the calendars are wonderful

      • I recall someone else mentioning that exact problem (the yellow bubble) once before but no idea why it happens. Glad it got sorted in any case!


  4. love it!! thanks!

  5. I love this one! It’s just perfect for everything T!m Holtz

    Thanks for your generosity…the idea is to give it a try…..hope I have enough time before the new year



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