BIG CARDS – Jack of Clubs (a day late)


The light in my office was rubbish yesterday and I am dealing with a botched kitchen floor replacement.  The installers:

  • did not stick it down anywhere (which I am told is “standard practice” but flies n the face of reason to me)
  • did not seal it around the edges, which if they HAD and because they
  • did not hook up the dishwasher properly and we had to move it out to see what the problem was

now there is a bl**dy great rip in the brand new floor! In addition they hooked up the dryer wrong so it blows the power when I switch it on (which knocks out all the plugs downstairs and crashes my Mac.

So now I have to deal with THE, clear the room AGAIN, and possibly have a whole new floor fitted, because the rip is huge, jagged, and on view. DOH!But that is not why you are here, is it?

I didn’t manage step by steps but it isn’t rocket science.  I made two other ones that I hated (using the Fiskars roller stamp thingie and embossing powder and Twinkling H2Os) before this one.  I simply sprayed the black card with Black/silver Cosmic Shimmer mist, then stamped over it with a big stamp and embossed with black.  Then I over-stamped and embossed with purple, and finally over-stamped and embossed with blue.  The embossing powders are from the WOW Earthtones range and I really like the blue in particular,  and it becomes almost glass-like, semi transparent and over the black card has a totally different look than over white.

Simple, and fast, as it needed to be.  Not my most inspired experiment, but still – I do like the layers of embossing – that is not something I’ve ever done and I think it bears further play.

Now, back to the kitchen…..

3 thoughts on “BIG CARDS – Jack of Clubs (a day late)

  1. Sorry to hear about your floors….bummer! I like how you used your embossing powders. Especially when it changes it colors over another color….very interesting.

  2. Love the card! I shall have to get some of those colours to experiment with. They would be great on a fella’s greeting card. Thank you!
    Such a pain about the kitchen. Do hope you get it sorted soon.

  3. wow!! I thought we were having bad luck with our reno…electrician was on his way….he had a blowout…couldn’t come that day…..the ceiling was up the joints partially done…the guy comes down with the flu but doesn’t call!!! two days lost…as they were finishing up yesterday, my wifi crashed but alas all is working!!! Hopefully your floor will be replaced at their cost! BTW great card luv it!!

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