BIG CARDS – Jack of Clubs (a day late)

The light in my office was rubbish yesterday and I am dealing with a botched kitchen floor replacement.  The installers:

  • did not stick it down anywhere (which I am told is “standard practice” but flies n the face of reason to me)
  • did not seal it around the edges, which if they HAD and because they
  • did not hook up the dishwasher properly and we had to move it out to see what the problem was

now there is a bl**dy great rip in the brand new floor! In addition they hooked up the dryer wrong so it blows the power when I switch it on (which knocks out all the plugs downstairs and crashes my Mac.

So now I have to deal with THE, clear the room AGAIN, and possibly have a whole new floor fitted, because the rip is huge, jagged, and on view. DOH!But that is not why you are here, is it?

I didn’t manage step by steps but it isn’t rocket science.  I made two other ones that I hated (using the Fiskars roller stamp thingie and embossing powder and Twinkling H2Os) before this one.  I simply sprayed the black card with Black/silver Cosmic Shimmer mist, then stamped over it with a big stamp and embossed with black.  Then I over-stamped and embossed with purple, and finally over-stamped and embossed with blue.  The embossing powders are from the WOW Earthtones range and I really like the blue in particular,  and it becomes almost glass-like, semi transparent and over the black card has a totally different look than over white.

Simple, and fast, as it needed to be.  Not my most inspired experiment, but still – I do like the layers of embossing – that is not something I’ve ever done and I think it bears further play.

Now, back to the kitchen…..