A sneaky peek – CD Calendar project

When I have an idea for a project, the first version is always a little different to the final one.  The process of making one, when I don’t photo the steps or measure things, just whack it together to see what I can learn from it, ALWAYS results in a better project in the end.   But that means you have to wait.  Sorry about that.  I did want to tell you where I am going with it, however, and will hope to share the details and the CD sized 2-to-a-page PDF at the same time.

What I kept thinking about was my old (very old) iPhone charging stand that was built on a CD case.

What I wanted to do was work out how you could take the CD case, build the decorations on to it, then simply slot in the prints each month.  I did a version that I like pretty well, but in making it I discovered at least three things I can do to make it easier and better.  Love it when that happens. I know many will want to use the CD sized prints to decorate the month sheets in some way, and this project doesn’t preclude that, but it will offer the option of just decorating the case and just using the month sheets as they come.  Neat, humm?  I would say this version is IDEAL for gifts, as once you print and cut the months sheets, you only have to decorate ONE THING.  And as the sheets just slot in, you can just print a new set next year and carry on using the same frame if you want.

Now I just need to make the CD version of the PDF and find a CD case that is not one I used to store stamps in – then all seem to have a haze on the clear front! And be very focused on taking true step-by-step photos and getting good measurements, rather than my usual craft-by-the-seat-of-my-pants versions.