Calendar Circles – four to a page

NOTE:  Just to add – if you have landed here from a Pin you may want to pop to THIS POST to see the 2014 version and some samples of how they can be used!


I was SO BUSY today – we had a new floor laid in the kitchen.  Moving the appliances revealed….well I won’t spell it out.  You can imagine.

My hope had been to actually DO SOMETHING with these so you could see them, but it didn’t happen.  It might tomorrow.  Here is one so you can get a general idea of what they look like.

Some bits of info – the word circles misbehave sometimes.   Creating them is stupidly easy, up to a point – type a line of text, draw a circle of the right size, select them both and Bind Text to Path, reverse the text so it sits inside the circle.  But sometimes scripty fonts that lean (like this one!) do weird things – letters go wonky, words spread or condense, or overlap.  Sometimes inserting a space will sort it out.  Sometimes not.  Messing with the kerning of the font creates ALL kind of problems.  I have little scraps of paper with notations on them, all over my desk.  For example, the November circle is 3.243 on the X axis ands 3.251 on the Y, and the bias is 9.756.  See what I mean? In any case I’ve done my best to minimize the wonkyness, but you may notice the words are not 100% perfectly spaced.  But I think they look good anyway.  If you are inclined towards OCD, move on.  🙂

I only managed to create the PDFs for the 4-to-a-page versions.  These actually cut with both the Large Circle Nesties (largest die) and the Small Circle (largest die) as well.  My suggestion is if you want to cut them out, use either one. If you want to do what I did in yesterday’s example, use the Large Circle to cut out the aperture from the background, rather than the Small Circle – that will leave just the barest rim of white around the circles.

They SHOULD be fine on either US letter or A4 – if it was just A4 I had to be concerned about I think I could have fit 6 on a page.  Maybe.

With luck tomorrow I will not only cut them and maybe do something with them and take a photo or two, I’ll also be able to make the CD version PDF, two to a page like the other one. It’s not hard, it just needs time.

And I have looked and look, both at the screen and at the printouts – my eyes are crossing!  I am as sure as I can be there are no spelling errors or odd extra characters.  If there are , I’m sure SOMEONE will tell me!

Hope you enjoy them.

So Black and Brown, as usual.