WOYWW 176 – crop stuff


Hello WOYWWers!  What a fab time we had at the crop!  The first bit of amusement was when Helen (of StampingByH) and Janet (of Janet’s-FairyThoughts) and I spent 5 minutes looking at each other across the parking lot, until I went out on a limb and walked over.  Spied the lovely WOYWW badges and knew we were all waiting for Julia’s Taxi Service.  We were old friends by the time she arrived!

I was working on a little coin envelope accordion spine book – got the basic construction, then chatted to Sam of Hettiecraft and found a slightly similar construction of her GORGEOUS December Daily album.  Hers was better so I may have to experiment with what I gleaned from a quick look at it.  Mine’s flat, which is ok as I was only adding flat grid paper and calendar bits to mine, but hers has loads of space for super thick additions.

Julia and LLJ (or J x2 as I call them, collectively) gave everyone a little card pack – LOL! as you can see I made real progress on THAT….

Morti ran a class on domino decoration.  Donna Louise was so generous and not only forced me to stop observing by giving be a spare domino, she also handed over some cute  fish stamps for me to use.  The result?

Janet was doing a beading class, but not sure my eyes (new glasses) were up to it.  The samples I saw being made were stunning however. Chatted to Kirsty (of HandmadebyKirsty) and found we have a lot in common, and had a fab time chatting with JoZarty too – we share a love of our iPads, as well as a few other things.  Pretty sure Diane (of Pixiescraftyworkshop) lives near me and shops at my local Morrisons – maybe we’ll see each other across the misty veg stands one day and pop to the cafe for a coffee!

Oddly, at least twice people only made the connection of me as the “Mary Anne” who used to contribute to Scrapbook Inspirations after some random comment I made.  It flustered me.  I’m sure I babbled, both times.  One person was surprised to find I was American! And I thought I was VERY American in my blog writing.  Apparently not.  Note to self: Must stop writing “smashing” and “brilliant” write AWESOME more…..

There was a table for giveaway/trades and one of goodies for sale.  At the end of the day, when Julia threatened to toss what was left on the table in the bin, I grabbed a few things.

Lunch was outstanding.  No photo, it would just make you salivate.

The raffle was an embarrassment.  Honestly. For a good cause, The Air Ambulance, I bought £5 worth of tickets.  I got called 1st or 2nd, can’t recall, then had to dip in to the pot and draw the next number.  One of mine.  DOH!  And from then on I think I got picked 5 or 6 more times.  I got the thing I REALLY WANTED (indeed, was desperate for), and one small stamps then kept saying “Draw Another.”  And I never ever win ANYTHING.

We came home with a lovely goodie bag (chocolates (like we needed them!) a pincushion, a challenge pack (yeah, and I jumped right on THAT too LOL!)

Regrets?  A couple – there were a lot of people there and while I think I exchanged a word or two with nearly everyone, I didn’t make enough effort to talk to EVERYONE.  As a result, I don’t know who made this lovely magnetic bookmark – she offered me one, I accepted with delight, as I was packing up, and am clueless now as to who made it!! Please, I beg you, if you stop by today, comment so I know and can properly say thank you.  It got photographed but is already in use.  I feel like a total heel.

So that was the crop.  No photos from me – didn’t bring a camera.  DOH!  And no desk shot this week and again I am more computer desktop than workdesk – go back one and grab my CD calendar printable if you fancy them, or go back further for 4×3 blocks, for sticking in a stack to make tear off calendars or PL insert cards.  And maybe next week, once me and the team get the last of the CyberCrop stuff finished, I may actually have something crafty going on!

Can’t wait for the next WOYWW crop….

(can hear Julia gasping in the distance, across cyberspace.)

38 thoughts on “WOYWW 176 – crop stuff

  1. Howdy,
    Sounds like a great crop!

    Would love for you to stop by my blog when you have a moment or 2!


  2. This is a great reflective post, almost better for the lack of crop photos, makes your words and observations stand out more iykwim!! I know you’re American and sometimes pick that up in your writing, but you also use Britishisms too which is to be expected when you lice in another country for an extended period of time. I do the same thing, only the other way round! That’s a lovely book too. And no doubt you’ve found DI at Pixies Craft Workshop blog by now, she’s a sweetie!


  3. Ahhhhhhhhhhh, such a fab time. I think we need to make a full-on weekend of it next time. Or maybe have a couple of games/non-crafting sessions where when the music stops we all move round a place to talk to someone different…. LOL… Can you tell I’ve spent to much time on team-building exercises? Hehehehe…..

  4. I agree with you I didn’t spend enough time talking to everyone although, as you say I did speak to all and sundry!! Just too much to take in!! I think your pointilistic (!) domino worked really well and I remember you weren’t going to try. I really enjoyed the day and would certainly attend – but I think Julia needs the reality to fade a little!! Remember your little book too, and now I am going to check out that CD post, looks interesting! Thanks for popping by, Cindy #73

  5. Lovely post about the WOYWW crop, it was lovely meeting you on Saturday.
    Thanks for visiting my desk already
    kyla #55

  6. Sounds like you had a wonderful day unfortunatley I could’t swim across the pond from Australia just a little to far. Thank you for sharing your day.

    Dont know what happened to the comment I just did it dissapeared when the computer went down

    Eliza 110

  7. Another who enjoyed the crop – but then, judging by the posts I’ve read already, you all did. I’m sure I’ve always known you are American and I think that is because you write American, even if you throw in the odd English expression just to let us know that you live among us 🙂

    I hope you have a great week and a happy WOYWW. Elizabeth x #40

  8. Oh, it sounds like you had a really great day out and got to bring lots of lovely things home with you!
    Bernice #80

  9. I’m sad I was unable to make the crop, maybe next time. Looks like a fab time was had by all.
    Hope you manage to get crafty again soon.
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugz Minxy #1

  10. Sounds like you all had a wonderful time at the crop!
    Makes me wish I lived closer.
    And I love your accordion book!!!
    Mary Jo #115

  11. It sounds like you all had such a lovely time. Great little accordian book. dani#132

  12. It was wonderful, happy, fun and knackering!! Such a good day but I hardly talked to anyone in depth 😦 Ah well, the main purpose was to meet and enjoy…mission accomplished, I think!!
    Hugs, LLJ 56 xx

  13. What a great day out TFS all your goodies wish I could have been there with you!! PS I always thought you were American………..

  14. Lots and lots of great projects to look at!! I would love to know how to make that coin envelope book. I have a box of those envelopes in my stash and haven’t used them for anything yet!
    Karen 115

  15. Lookin good 🙂 Love having a peek into the spaces of fellow crafter’s! If you happen to peek in on my blog, be sure to wear a hard hat! LOL!

  16. I agree with you and everything you say about Saturday. It was a fabulous day and I am sorry if I was a little surprised when I twigged at who you were! Hee Hee! I have quite a few of your designs in my “to do” pile too as I love mini albums….as if you couldn’t tell. The design for my album came from Laura Denison of Following the Paper Trail. it is called Shabby Pockets and you can buy just the pattern from her $6!! A snip I can tell you! Her link is down on the bottom right of my blog if you want to get to her blog.
    I can also tell you who it was that gave us those lovely bookmarks. It was Di of PixiesChallenge. Again, on my sidebar! or 72 on Julia!

  17. Sounds like it was an AWESOME day ;o)

  18. I’m pretty sure it is Di at 72 that did us the bookmarks,

  19. Hey BABBBBE, you are NOT the stereotypical American!

    you ARE good to meet and I echo all your thoughts in terms of the day was too short and I did not spend time with everyone. Was I too forceful? I think the domino was worth it?

    I too have written Di (?) next to my book mark – if you find out where her blog lurks can you tell me too so I can go and Gush?

    see you at the next one,

    dxxx a hundred and something (106)

  20. I feel like even though I couldn’t be there I am enjoying some of the fun! I can’t believe how much you all packed in to the day. Have a great week WOYWW Hugs from Helen 77

  21. Laughed at your comment about the cartoon me, she doesn’t look much like me, I guess she is younger (only slightly of course, lol) Your little book turned out great. I have a bookmark from Di too, but would love a link to go and visit her if anyone has one.
    ** Kate **

  22. Great report of a fabulous day. Isn’t it good to share time with like-minded people who become friends so quickly. Thanks for sharing the photos of your gifts and prizes, makes it all come to life and makes me jealous I couldn’t go – maybe next time.

    Ann B

  23. I really enjoyed reading your take on the day… the joy of it continues and memories are precious. I loved seeing all your makes (and takes) too. I still haven’t unpacked except for my clothes as I feel that when I do get around to it will all go pooooft into space.
    Jo x

  24. It looks like everyone had a super fantastic time at the crop. I hope it gets done again cause I am saving my pennies so I can go there too! Have a great week. Vickie #71

  25. That is a gorgeous coin book. Dont you hate it when you forget the camera to capture the great get together?
    Bridget #21

  26. Oooh sounds like you had a fab time – wish I could have gone as it would have been lovely to meet up with you again (I think last time was at a Bonanza at the NEC) – lots of lovely goodies there too – love that birds on a wire stamp. Thanks for sharing – Sunshine Girl no. 57

  27. The bookmark was from your neighbour, Di….she made them during the course of the day. Mine too is in use already, genius idea! Glad that you enjoyed it…it was so reassuring for me to have someone coming that I already knew! I think you write American too…but that’s probably because I’ve always known you are…haven’t I?!! Interesting – this goes to the subject of a post I’m writing about the Crop day!

  28. It was lovely to meet you and to chat a while, you’re right at times the day blurred and it was easy to forgot who was who and that bugged me as I wish I wrote more down! I rested up Sunday, as predicted I was bad, but my lovely mum brought my dinner to me instead of me going there like usual. Love your domino, I didn’t take part in any making just didn’t think my hands could handle it! Anyway thanks for sharing your take on the day, it was fab! Take care Zo xx 78

  29. Oh my I so wish I had been able to come – it was the same date as our crop. :o( Fingers crossed there’s no clash next time; you have described a fab day. The accordian book is amazing as is the domino. Happy Wednesday. :o)
    Sue x (MiniOwner @ 76)

  30. Love what you did with the accordian book and domino. I hope to work onmy partry bag cahllenge on my day off tomorrow

  31. sorry, at no 4 today. H

  32. It was smashing (!) to meet you – in the car park – and chat later too. the bookmark was from Di (pixiecraft) they are fab. Wasn’t the day fantastic fun? It is so lovely to get together and play (sorry, work hard) together – and the food – oh I wasn’t expecting such wonderful food. or so much!!! Have a great day. H (still working on the floor)

  33. Ummm, you keep up the ‘smashing’ and leave the ‘awesomes’ for over the pond use… we have absorbed you into our side now! 😉 Looks like you had a lovely time and got some brilliant stuff! I would be terrible at such an event… can talk loads over the tinternets but go all shy in real life!!

  34. Sounds a fantastic day… hope it’ll become a regular fixture, and that I’ll make it along some time! Happy WOYWW!
    Alison x

  35. Oh how I wish I could have joined in! I had to laugh when you mention being American and that you should write AWESOME more and smashing less……. I too have picked up with Brit way of speaking (typing) and I laugh at myself!

    I’m guess that the bookmark may have been from Di (Pixie’s Crafty Workshop). Since I wasn’t there I’m not for sure but I have a similar bookmark that she gave me while visiting New Mexico recently.

    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs, Kay #18

  36. It was good to read that you had a good time and made a few friends. Sounds like Donna was a real trooper when it came to the dominoes. She’s a real sweetie, anyway. I hope whoever gave you the bookmark will fess up. I wondered if the clear part was supposed to sit above the book, rather than get detached. Happy WOYWW from # 2.

  37. Sounds like you had a great time at the WOYWW crop, was this the first time you had met all the ladies from WOYWW?
    Love all the little photo’s from your crop, your coin album looks fabulous, have a great week crafting…


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