WOYWW 176 – crop stuff

Hello WOYWWers!  What a fab time we had at the crop!  The first bit of amusement was when Helen (of StampingByH) and Janet (of Janet’s-FairyThoughts) and I spent 5 minutes looking at each other across the parking lot, until I went out on a limb and walked over.  Spied the lovely WOYWW badges and knew we were all waiting for Julia’s Taxi Service.  We were old friends by the time she arrived!

I was working on a little coin envelope accordion spine book – got the basic construction, then chatted to Sam of Hettiecraft and found a slightly similar construction of her GORGEOUS December Daily album.  Hers was better so I may have to experiment with what I gleaned from a quick look at it.  Mine’s flat, which is ok as I was only adding flat grid paper and calendar bits to mine, but hers has loads of space for super thick additions.

Julia and LLJ (or J x2 as I call them, collectively) gave everyone a little card pack – LOL! as you can see I made real progress on THAT….

Morti ran a class on domino decoration.  Donna Louise was so generous and not only forced me to stop observing by giving be a spare domino, she also handed over some cute  fish stamps for me to use.  The result?

Janet was doing a beading class, but not sure my eyes (new glasses) were up to it.  The samples I saw being made were stunning however. Chatted to Kirsty (of HandmadebyKirsty) and found we have a lot in common, and had a fab time chatting with JoZarty too – we share a love of our iPads, as well as a few other things.  Pretty sure Diane (of Pixiescraftyworkshop) lives near me and shops at my local Morrisons – maybe we’ll see each other across the misty veg stands one day and pop to the cafe for a coffee!

Oddly, at least twice people only made the connection of me as the “Mary Anne” who used to contribute to Scrapbook Inspirations after some random comment I made.  It flustered me.  I’m sure I babbled, both times.  One person was surprised to find I was American! And I thought I was VERY American in my blog writing.  Apparently not.  Note to self: Must stop writing “smashing” and “brilliant” write AWESOME more…..

There was a table for giveaway/trades and one of goodies for sale.  At the end of the day, when Julia threatened to toss what was left on the table in the bin, I grabbed a few things.

Lunch was outstanding.  No photo, it would just make you salivate.

The raffle was an embarrassment.  Honestly. For a good cause, The Air Ambulance, I bought £5 worth of tickets.  I got called 1st or 2nd, can’t recall, then had to dip in to the pot and draw the next number.  One of mine.  DOH!  And from then on I think I got picked 5 or 6 more times.  I got the thing I REALLY WANTED (indeed, was desperate for), and one small stamps then kept saying “Draw Another.”  And I never ever win ANYTHING.

We came home with a lovely goodie bag (chocolates (like we needed them!) a pincushion, a challenge pack (yeah, and I jumped right on THAT too LOL!)

Regrets?  A couple – there were a lot of people there and while I think I exchanged a word or two with nearly everyone, I didn’t make enough effort to talk to EVERYONE.  As a result, I don’t know who made this lovely magnetic bookmark – she offered me one, I accepted with delight, as I was packing up, and am clueless now as to who made it!! Please, I beg you, if you stop by today, comment so I know and can properly say thank you.  It got photographed but is already in use.  I feel like a total heel.

So that was the crop.  No photos from me – didn’t bring a camera.  DOH!  And no desk shot this week and again I am more computer desktop than workdesk – go back one and grab my CD calendar printable if you fancy them, or go back further for 4×3 blocks, for sticking in a stack to make tear off calendars or PL insert cards.  And maybe next week, once me and the team get the last of the CyberCrop stuff finished, I may actually have something crafty going on!

Can’t wait for the next WOYWW crop….

(can hear Julia gasping in the distance, across cyberspace.)