Cd calendar PDFs for 2013


NOTE:  sorted

I was playing around with another font combo and I found I really liked this one and wanted to use it myself. So while I am not discounting turning the other printable set into a CD version, I will add this one because it’s done!As is my way, I did both a BLACK version and a BROWN version.  I usually like to print the brown one on cream if I decide to go the vintage way and the black one on stark white, if I want more funky and colourful.

Now a word about the CD cases.  Last year, the case I used was an older one, very sturdy and thick – I think it originally had the extra insert to hold the actual CD, and that was removable.  THIS year, my case is quite thin and flimsy, and there are some odd little bumps along the inside edges that make the sheets fit funny.  I think you can sort this by cutting a little further inside the gray lines instead of JUST inside them – I figure you have almost a 1/2 inch to play with, and the half-circle nubbins on the side that hold the sheets in place ar nearly 1/4 inch each (on mine anyway) so you can cut off a bit more, still have them held in place AND use the back of the case to store the remaining months.

And a word about the font for the numbers.  It’s a bit …. bouncy.  The characters were not placed centered in the box when the font was created.  Some are high, some low, some have swooping tails.  I mostly eyeballed them because no matter whether I aligned top or bottom or centre, some of them may have been technically CORRECT, but they looked odd.  So I looked at them and made a decision as to how I thought they looked best.

And if you LOVE the printable version from a day or so ago, I will probably carry on and make them as a CD printable set.  I may also do one that is a bit more scripty and pretty.  Not sure yet.

In any case I hope you get some use out of them.  I’m working on something with mine, which I’ll share when I get it done.  I just didn’t have time to do it today!

15 thoughts on “Cd calendar PDFs for 2013

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  2. I also need 2015 version of this, if that is possible.

  3. Is there a printable version I can download, so I can add my own photographs? I love this design. Thank you.

    • If you click the BLACK or BROWN highlighted words the printable version will download, or should. If you see the PDF display in your browser, RIGHT CLICK and choose the Download Linked File (or whatever the PC version is of that – I have a Mac so I think it’s different words than the PC but the same idea IYNWIM) and it should download. Glad you like the design.



  4. thank you so much – I’ve been looking for this exact format! Perfect !!

  5. Thanks so much Mary anne for all your hard work in perfecting these calendar… saves us soooo much time and I plan to use them to make gifts this year.
    Jo x

  6. Love it, specially the swooping and almost deco look of the numbers against the more contained titleing..and I love that you’ve included the number of days per month…lovely.

  7. I like you calendar and I downloaded it, however, I think Friday is misspelled, I think you have FIR and it should be FRI….maybe I’m not seeing it correctly. Frankly I don’t know how you do all you do and then post it for all to have….you have too much talent 🙂

    • Humm. They are all 2 letter abbreviations, not three, so I can’t tell from looking at it either. I’l have to go back to the original files and see if I can adjust the kerning to see if there is a stray letter in there or not! I’ll remove them till I can confirm it and if need be sort it!

      Cheers – well spotted!


  8. I can’t seem to get the download??? it just clicks, has a yellow bubble with an ! in it.

    • It downloads fine for me by clicking word – could it be your ISP blocks downloads (or you have to allow them somehow? I’m at a loss as to what the problem might be!


      Just check my stats – it’s been downloaded 66 times so some people are able to get it. I know that doesn’t help YOU but all I can say is try again and see? Maybe from a different machine or with a different browser?

  9. What are the names of the fonts that you are using for this calendar?

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