BIG CARDS -10 of Clubs (say what?!)


Yes, yes – I know technically it SHOULD be the Jack today, but when I finished the piece for some reason the flowery look felt wrong for the Jack.  So I skipped over it to the 10 for this week.

Quite some time ago I bookmarked something called “the bandana technique” on YouTube.  It was done my a non-english speaking YouTuber and I always meant to give it a go.  Then one day I went back and the video was gone.  At some later point it returned, and I noted that, but to be honest I sort of did this from memory rather than watching the video again so I am not sure if it is still there to find.

I took my plain white card and first stamped over the whole thing with a text stamp and Memento ink and let it dry. I dripped on some drawing ink.  Pretty sure the original used Distress ink but the drawing ink is super bright and vibrant and sits as drops.

I used a baby wipe to spread the ink, both smearing and blotting. I wanted mottled, but with bright spots as well.

Then I used a stencil and black acrylic paint to cover most of the colour and finally drew around some of the stencilled shapes with a nearly-dry white Sharpie paint pen.

I was not aiming for perfection here (which is good LOL!) but wanted it very sketchy and rough looking.

I shook the pen over t get some droplets of white and then added the letters when it was dry.

I really like the look of it.  and it’s been a while since I used my drippy inks so had fun re-visiting them again!

7 thoughts on “BIG CARDS -10 of Clubs (say what?!)

  1. Hi Mary Anne
    It was so good to meet up with you at the WOYWW crop. Fab day which will certainly add an extra edge to our weekly desk visits….lovely to meet up for real with so many of our weekly “names” and thanks to you as you have so often given me inspiration!
    Jo x

  2. Mary Anne – I love this one! I’m a great fan of bright colours 🙂
    I’m so impressed with all the different techniques you’ve used on your cards. They will be wonderful to review now and then when they’re all finished!

  3. also, I tried to click on your sidebar for the pop up slider card/happy birthday, but it won’t let me access it. I get a little yellow bubble with a red exclamation mark in it and a funny click noise.

  4. your big cards are really cool. What will you do with them??? are they for a wall hanging? thanks for sharing all of your great art.

    • I had planned to maybe turn them in to a custom deck of actual cards by scanning the face and having them printed, but since I am missing a few (and can never find them in the store where I originally got them) I’m not sure if they will EVER be anything more than experiments of various techniques, and just for me 🙂

      Glad you like them.

      Mary Anne

  5. Love it!! Flower Power. Thanks for sharing.

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