BIG CARDS -10 of Clubs (say what?!)

Yes, yes – I know technically it SHOULD be the Jack today, but when I finished the piece for some reason the flowery look felt wrong for the Jack.  So I skipped over it to the 10 for this week.

Quite some time ago I bookmarked something called “the bandana technique” on YouTube.  It was done my a non-english speaking YouTuber and I always meant to give it a go.  Then one day I went back and the video was gone.  At some later point it returned, and I noted that, but to be honest I sort of did this from memory rather than watching the video again so I am not sure if it is still there to find.

I took my plain white card and first stamped over the whole thing with a text stamp and Memento ink and let it dry. I dripped on some drawing ink.  Pretty sure the original used Distress ink but the drawing ink is super bright and vibrant and sits as drops.

I used a baby wipe to spread the ink, both smearing and blotting. I wanted mottled, but with bright spots as well.

Then I used a stencil and black acrylic paint to cover most of the colour and finally drew around some of the stencilled shapes with a nearly-dry white Sharpie paint pen.

I was not aiming for perfection here (which is good LOL!) but wanted it very sketchy and rough looking.

I shook the pen over t get some droplets of white and then added the letters when it was dry.

I really like the look of it.  and it’s been a while since I used my drippy inks so had fun re-visiting them again!