Changing the Calendar PDFs

I am off at the WOYWW crop today (WooHoo!) but I know there are at least a couple of people awaiting the CD calendar PDFs.  You are welcome to wait till I get to them, which I HOPE will be this week, but if you don’t want to wait, or if you want to change my calendars slightly to make them more your own, or just more your style, this is an easy way to do it.

I use PSE 10 but I think these will work for older versions.

First let’s talk about the fonts.  I used a decorative font for the Month name and the year, at the top. BUT I used a pretty plain font for the days of the week.  My thought here was that people could d a minimal amount of work to alter the month names and year but keep the basic, white-bread font for the days and still get something they like better.

IF you want to use my PDFs but have a different font for the headers:

1. Open the PDF with Photoshop Elements (or some similar program).  I do this by right-clicking and selecting Open With > PSE. The multi-page PDF will open and you can select the page you want to work on in the thumbnail view.

Click FILE > duplicate then close the original and work on the copy.

2.  Select the Marquee tool and draw a box around the Month and year.

3. Delete.

Now, do not be worried that the deleted area has had the white removed!  Your printer does not recognize white – it translates that to NO INK.  In effect it is only going to print the (in this case) brown of the letters and ignore the rest. Oh, and the little red cut line guides.  If you want, you can remove them in the same way – mark a selection around them and delete.

4. Select the Horizontal Type Tool and draw a text box – then go to the top bar and set your font, size, and colour. Type in the month word and the year.

I couldn’t capture it properly but if you click the equivalent of the BROWN BOX at the top on this screenshot, you will bring up the colour picker.  It will be in the same place, but yours will be whatever your Foreground colour is set to, likely black. If you click the eye dropper that pops up on one of MY word or number bits, it will match my colours.  Likewise, you could leave the numbers brown or black, and make the heading any colour you want!

5. Carry on editing the Months and Year bits and when it is all as you like it, name it something sensible and SAVE AS then select PDF in the Format drop down.

Save it and now you can print your own version with the new font you have used!

Now as I was sorting this bit out I realized that to make your own CD calendar sheets really isn’t HARD, but it does take a few different steps.  I’ll list them, because if you are the kind of person who is not inclined to do it, you’ll just skip over it – and if you are, then the steps, following on from what I have already said, will make sense.  The former will wait till I make them and the latter will do it themselves LOL!

  1. Open the PDF and duplicate it.  Close the original.
  2. Create a new file, either A4 or US letter and set it to LANDSCAPE (lengthwise) because the standard size for a CD calendar is 5 x 4.75 inches
  3. Back on the PDF,  select the entire month block with the Marquee tool .  Copy – either using the Edit menu or Command-C (for me on my Mac)

Go to the blank file and Paste it.  Go back and copy the next month and Paste that in the blank file as well. Rotate each layer so there are 2 side by side months. Align and either print it now (in which case you can carry on using the SAME blank file as you create each 2-month page) or Save it as JanFeb then open a new blank file for MarApr, etc.  You can save as a PDF, or as a .jpg – I’m not sure it matters. Carry on till you have all 12 months, two to a page.  Print them all and trim to the correct size.

I can’t speak to other editing programs but I hope you can translate the steps to whatever you use.

And it this sort of thing makes you glaze over, next week I’ll hopefully have a nice simple download for you.