Couple more layouts

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Looking ahead to the WOYWW crop tomorrow, so it is likely that I am splitting my time between preparing for that (what shall I work on? ) and the CC planning.  Today I am just popping up the other two layouts from last weeks crop.

another recent photos one.  Why does it seem all my layouts of recent photos are ones of how bad the photos are?? DD, being difficult.  Used many of the printables from a GoGo kit here and quite like them.  Julia had the great idea to do the journaling in the lines around the frame.  Genius.  Will def. do that but I think I need a better white pen first as I think that will be the best colour choice.  The black quotes are carefully placed.  There was a bit of a tree root poking up from the ground in both the photos, but to the casual viewer they look like big piles of .. well, dog poo, if I’m honest.  So I hid them.  Funny how stuff like that sometimes informs your scrapping LOL!

Next, back to an old photo – not 100% sure I’m done with it.  DD hiding in the hedge.  She never really got hide-and-seek and could never resist the urge to peek out and see where the seeker was. Silly goose. I feel like the photo might be better set off by a mat.  May have a go at that and see – it really rather depends on how well it is all stuck down!

I am not getting anywhere with the one that was on my desk a week or so ago (a banner one) and I have I think two more kitted and ready n my crop bag still, so that may form the basis of my WOYWC (What’s on Your Workdesk Crop) bag but I may have a brainstorm between now and leaving, who knows?  I want to pack light so a single, but intensive project will suit me perfectly – just not sure what that could be as I already sorted my advent calendar!  And speaking of calendars, I should really look at creating my 2013 set – luckily I have the 2012 one to use as a starting point, but also have a different program to PSE that I KNOW is going to be 100x easier to use for making the months and changing them all in one go.  Watch this space!

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  1. Hi, It was so nice to meet you today.

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