Crop layout – where the wild thing are

When on holiday we stayed at the same B&B while DS did Insomnia in Telford. When we asked them for a recommendation for lunch on our day out, while DS gamed, they suggested the WI-run cafe at a local stately home.  Imagine our surprise when this sight greeted us!  Such…interesting lunching companions LOL!

You can maybe just see the cafe part at the bottom of the one photo.  We were seated right next to a large, freestanding stuffed bear (to be fair, DD was taller than it was, but still…)

I had a little snafu with my GoGo kits, but thankfully sorted now, so I made use of a few kits items at this crop.  Nice, too, to use a photo from this decade, as I have been doing more historical scrapping recently!

I am still working hard behind the scenes with the CyberCrop stuff, so simple blogging more than not this week…and the next…and the next… and…